Like every year, there are a lot of people who try to sneak into these events claiming to be assistant trainers etc. etc. For this reason, as of 2 years ago we now charge for an Official IKF Amateur Championship Tournament Event Cornerman/Trainers Badge. This will prevent individuals just attaining a cornermans pass for free only to watch the event. The other reason for this is to police each fighters corner so that only Registered Cornermen and Trainers are in each fighters corner in the ring area. Only registered cornermen/women will be allowed into each fighters corner and in the ring area as well as the locker room area. The cost of each Official IKF Amateur Championship Tournament Event Cornerman/Trainers Badge for the entire weekend is $10.00 and you MUST HAVE A HEADSHOT PHOTO OF YOURSELF no larger than 2 inches X 2 inches. If we have to take your picture for your badge, because of the delays this will cause like last year, the fee will be $15.00. Cornermen and Trainers will register on Friday during the hours of 2:30 PM and 7:PM in the Empire Ballroom.

There are certain rules for the attaining of these passes;

  1. For Insurance & Liability reasons, ALL Cornermen/women must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. This badge will allow these Cornerman/Trainers backstage and "PIT" ringside during the event. "ONLY" individuals with one of these Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badges or a Laminated Fighter, Staff, Security or Officials Badge will be allowed into these areas.
  3. ALL registered Cornerman/Trainers will be allowed to attend all "3" sessions for FREE for General Seating.
  4. Every year we have a "Fighters Rules Meeting". At this meeting we discuss Cornerman/Trainers rules as well. So far, every year we've had an incident at ringside during the event with a Cornerman/Trainer who was NOT at this meeting. NO Cornerman/Trainer will receive their Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge unless they are present in this meeting. Simply put, if your not an Officially Licensed and Registered IKF Cornerman/Trainer, you cannot be in the corner. If we do not see your Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge you will be asked to leave the PIT Ringside area or fighters warm-up area. Non Registered/Licensed Trainers not attending the MANDATORY rules meeting and not paying for their badge will be required to purchase their own event ticket yet still will not be allowed in a corner or in the locker room area.
  5. Your Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge is not just a cheap paper. It is a full color IKF Amateur Championship Tournament Event Card about 4" x 5" with your name, (A 2002 Fighters Badge is shown at Right) picture and signature on it. laminated with a necklace (Chain or string). It will NOT be available to just anyone. It will be a great memory of this event for you as well. For this reason, please do not ask to buy one for a friend or someone who knows nothing of working a fighters corner.
  6. As a courtesy, All "Regional Promoters" who are also Cornerman/Trainers will receive their Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge for free.
  7. Since there are only 3 cornerman/trainer allowed at ringside during a bout a Maximum of 3 Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge per fighter and no more than 5 Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge will be sold per club/gym.
  8. NOTE: Any cornerman/trainers caught lending their passes out to ANYONE will have their passes immediately destroyed and those using the pass and the trainer will be escorted from the session with no refund of pass or fees and will need to purchase a ticket for re-entree. For this reason, sorry but please do not sell, give away or lend your pass to any family, relatives or friends. Thank You.

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