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Pammypanda1 06-26-2005 08:21 AM

Question for Trainers.....
A question for the trainers--- Would you rather have pro fighters or amateur fighters and why? Please give me your thoughts. I thought the hope was to eventually have pro fighters, especially since it seems to encourage your amateur fighters and make a team more "complete".

Once "pro", doesnt the fighter get paid and then, in turn, pays his trainer and corners, etc? Does a "pro" also get travel expense or is that to be his/her responsibility out of his earnings?

It appears there really isn't a "basic rule" to follow in some of this stuff, or is there? On an amateur level, one region handles things, such as travel expenses, in one way, where fighters/trainers from a different area of the US seems to handle it in another way.

Another question for trainers.... how many amateur fighters do most usually train at one time and how many have records over 10 fights?

The trainers that have had fighters for several years---do you usually have approximately the same number of fighters or does it change alot year to year? (Meaning, as some drop out, others step up filling in the spots)

Are there any statistics on how long a fighter fights and what percentage goes on to be pro?

Curtis Bush 06-26-2005 01:05 PM

Re: Question for Trainers.....
Pam. Trainers want fighters who take their sport seriously. Who will listen to their trainers and show loyalty. If the fighter wishes to stay and fight amateur only...his options will be limited by expenses. Most amateurs who fight out of state do not recieve expenses. The cost/travel/hotel, etc.. comes from his or his trainers pockets.
Most trainers would like to have a Pro. The expenses are paid for by the promoter and more world class competition can take place. All fighters want to fight the worlds best and prove to themselves they can compete at a world class level. In the pro's all expenses for fighter/trainer are covered. The trainer will also get a cut from his fighters "purse". Usually 10%.......

dan stell (bam) 06-26-2005 02:38 PM

Re: Question for Trainers.....
i know most trainers in califorinia get 1/3 of the purse......

Pammypanda1 06-26-2005 03:32 PM

Re: Question for Trainers.....

To clarify what you said. A Pro will have travel expenses paid AND receive a purse. Correct? Or does the pro pay for their own expenses out of the purse, or does it depend on the size of the purse and the promoter? Is there a "Base" price for new pros? How does a promoter know what to pay or is it negotiated? Do both the winner and loser get paid the same and/or are there incentives as to if someone goes all rounds, a KO, etc? The winner of the bout gets more somehow, doesn't he/she?

When you say out of state Amateurs do not receive travel expenses, why is that? Or do you mean they only receive a set amount like the others, who may happen to be in state, so therefore they end up having some expenses not completely covered by the travel stipend?


Are the purses in CA usually higher then other areas that the trainer gets 1/3, or are they all pretty equal, or does it depend on the pro's record?

Again, this seems to be slightly different in different areas, so is there a rule of thumb to start with?

Curtis Bush 06-26-2005 04:18 PM

Re: Question for Trainers.....
Pam. A Pro will get his full amount of "Purse" money he agreed to for the bout whether ko's his opponent on 20 seconds or it goes the distance.. This will be in the "contract" he and a witness will sign. The other stipends in the contract will be a set amount of per diem money for fighter and trainer for set # of days fighter/trainer will be at location. Also Hotel will be paid for # of days fighter is at event. All this will be included in the contract. The opponent may get same or more. It depends on if the fighter is traveling to another state/country or if fighter is bringing in an opponent. World Champions/Intercontinental/U.S Champions will recieve more money than a beginning pro. If the beginning pro is well known and can bring in more spectators, he can ask for more money.
Amateurs can recieve travel expense: gas money, food money, hotel, etc.. or recieve nothing. "If you want to fight and travel here on your own, at your own expense..we have a fight for you!". I did the second option many, many times to get fights!
A trainer can get whatever he and the fighter agree to. Can be 5,10,15% or more...or it might be nothing. Just expenses covered!

Curtis Bush 06-26-2005 04:20 PM

Re: Question for Trainers.....
Pam. The "purse" and "stipends" do not effect each other. They are seperate issues..........

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