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Old 11-07-2004, 10:12 PM
Randy Pogue Randy Pogue is offline
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Default Entrapment Amateur Opinion

Ray Thompson put on another fantastic show this weekend. His shows are world-class, from soup to nuts, and everything appeared to flow very smoothly. I’d like to thank Ray for inviting me to be a part of it. The fights were good. I don’t remember the amateur ranks looking this strong when I was in them. I intended on just giving my impressions of a couple of fights, but it seems like the format is to cover all fights, so I’ll see what my punch-drunk head can pull out of the file. Because I’m long winded, I’ll break it up into pro and amateur. Also, just to keep it interesting, I’ll throw in some unsolicited pieces of advice. Maybe we can have a roundtable discussion about how these kids can improve.

1. Sargent vs. Jimenez. I believe I had Jimenez winning rounds 1 and 2, but losing the 3rd. It can easily be argued that Jimenez lost all rounds. Sargent landed a fair number of shots in the first two frames, but he didn’t put much on them, and Jimenez was landing solid blows while moving forward, so I gave him both rounds. If Sargent were a little less tentative, he would have won all three, IMO. Nevertheless, Jimenez needs to be beaten soundly by his trainer, as he was unable to lift his foot up even SIX TIMES in BOTH rounds 2 and 3. That cost him the fight. As far as the knee, Dan stopped the action and told all judges that the knee was accidental, so no point was taken away.

2. Warren vs. Huff. Not much to say. Spinning backfists hurt. The only advice I can give Huff is, “take the knee.” If he would have taken a knee and received the standing 8 count, he might have cleared his head and been able to continue. Staggering like Trevor Berbick vs. Mike Tyson is a sure way to end a fight.

3. Halloran vs. Cantrell. Let me preface this by saying I’m not a big fan of girls kickboxing. I could spend a great deal of time on this topic, just not now. Although I must say, one of my kickboxing heroes (heroines) when I was growing up was Kathy Long. If you ever get the chance to train with her, I highly recommend it. She’s very knowledgeable, and a great fighter. Anyway, “Buzzsaw” Halloran is an example of the reason I don’t like girl’s kickboxing, but she clearly dominated an overwhelmed Cantrell. Cantrell displayed a lot of heart and moxie, but could not keep up with the relentless attack of Halloran. Two pieces of advice for Cantrell, learn lateral movement and keep firing back. Shelling up in the amateurs will get you nowhere. Halloran needs to execute her skills. Watching her warm up, she obviously has good punches, kicks, combos, and footwork. Executing them vs. using sheer aggression is the trick. Composure is tough to teach, and especially hard for girls. This is where the conversation would become lengthy, so I’ll change topics. Congrats on the win.

4. Lowery vs. Jeter. I took a break from judging, and really didn’t see the fight. Sorry.

5. Thompson vs. Morrow. Very nice fight, with a good matchup of styles. Morrow had Thompson’s number at the start. I can’t say whether the tables turned more because Thompson figured him out, or if Morrow just couldn’t execute anymore. My advice to Morrow is to run. I think the whole fight could have gone the way of the first round if he had the conditioning to keep up the pressure. Thompson has flashes of great stuff. He needs to work a little on distance. He would respond with great timing to Morrow’s initial attack, but his defensive move was not significant enough to make Morrow miss completely. Offensively, he’s putting too much behind his techniques, and wound up off balance and open when he missed with lead front kicks or side kicks.

6. Carpenter vs. Baten. The first round was what I expected from the whole fight. A sharp TKD guy jumping around and being just a little out of reach for hands-oriented fighter. Carpenter adjusted well between rounds, and began countering very well to Baten’s kicks. Surprisingly, Baten’s choice of techniques was horrendous, and played right into Carpenter”s strengths. Not surprisingly, the TKD guy can’t take a punch, especially ones from Carpenter, and the fight is stopped. Carpenter still needs work on closing distance, athough he has improved much over the last year. Baten…where do I start? I’m not sure how TKD point sparring works these days, but you shouldn’t initiate contact with a powerful puncher by using a lead leg round kick, or else…well, you know what happens. And don’t lift weights so much, it slows down your punches.

On to the pros...
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Old 11-08-2004, 04:26 AM
EvoMatt EvoMatt is offline
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Default Re: Entrapment Amateur Opinion

that about sums it up!
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