SUNDAY, JULY 8th, 2012, AT 5:40 PM/ PST

"You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone..."
The Missed Opportunity Of This Great Sport!

As we noted above, There was a time when Johnny Davis (Right) first started promoting Kickboxing here in Northern California that featured shows like most Amateur Promotions... School Gymnasiums, Rec. Centers even Kickboxing Gyms. As each promotion past, no one really took notice because they were basically the same as other Amateur events. However, a few years ago, Davis changed paths and did what few, if any amateur promoters do in todays amateur fight sports... He KICKED It UP!

Now if your an Amateur Promoter reading this "DON'T" get all bent out of shape here... All we are doing is stating something we all have seen and know... Amateur Promotions for the most part are presented, well, Amateur...

Davis on the other hand reached deep into his pockets and stopped doing the gymnasium, small club venue shows and started booking beautiful ballrooms for his events. Instead of a fully lit room that appeared like a karate tournament, he paid for ring lighting to center stage the ring. This ONE thing alone brings ANY Promotion up 10 Fold! He added spotlights, colored lights, better DJ, video crew, and the list goes on and on... And for the most part, people responded, with Enthusiasm! "No one from our team has ever fought on an event like this." said one trainer at Davis' last event. "We last fought in a tiny bar where you could hardly make it to the ring. This is like the stage of a Pro fight!"

However, this wasn't all Davis did. He was also an excellent matchmaker! Look at the number of "Decisions" on his last 10 events. Decisions often show close, well matched bouts, where as quick stoppages show the other.

Davis also stepped up his exposure too. Of course he added the basic radio spots, even some TV spots. However, he even dug deeper into his pockets to sanction a minimum of 3 Title bouts on nearly every event. He not only created new Champions, but he Promoted them as well! He made fighters and Champions on his events MORE than just fighters and made the Champions, well, REAL CHAMPIONS!

Fighters that were only known around their own gym became names we heard other Kickboxing and Muay Thai people speaking about around the world due to their exposure here on the IKF web site. After proving themselves, Davis would start top contenders on his cards at the state or regional title level and build them up from there. Heck, he even had a 2 event Tournament style fight-off to decide the eventual IKF Super Heavyweight Muay Thai World Champion. Many of these top contenders went on to become IKF World Champions, a goal Davis wanted to offer each and every one of the fighters on his events that proved themselves in the ring of battle. Although some match-ups have been between two California fighters, the reasons that lead to this were only because they were top ranked contenders. For others, they didn't win their titles from a fighter across the street that was inexpensive to book like some promotions feature. In a lot of these match-ups the fighters are fighting for a "Made-Up' title by the event promoter, (Who usually has created their own so called sanctioning body to save $ rather than offer a legit and true sanctioned title that everyone can find in a non associated ranking system other than the PROMOTERS web site...) that has ALWAYS lead to the proving of... Nothing! In most cases, when the promotion dies out after a few events, so do their titles...

Davis has brought in top contenders from all over the Western USA as well as the East Coast, and for one World Title bout, he went to HOLLAND to bring in the "BEST" to fight a local top contender for an IKF World Title.

Davis didn't just promote his events...

THIS is something you don't see many, if any Amateur Promoters doing, if at all... Many of you reading this article today know many of these Champions and contenders that were created on a Johnny Davis AK Promotions event. All of you have seen them go from a fighter in the rankings to Champion over the years through Davis' AK Promotions.. So WHY are we talking about how Great Davis' promotions have become? Well, as the saying goes,

"You don't know what you have until it's gone..."

On July 6th Davis announced he was taking a break from the fight promotions business. "I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who has supported AK Promotions'..Live IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing events and, or who was a fighter, trainer, spectator or vendor etc. with my company in the State of CA." said Davis. Davis gave several reasons for this decision of a break. Some of course surrounded the rising cost of promoting Amateur events in the State of California. With state commission insurance requirements of $50,000 (The highest in the nation for an AMATEUR event) the cost of insurance alone was a major dip into potential profits of any promoters events, and the reality is, if your in business, you have to make a profit to survive.

"I HATE to hear a fighter, trainer or anyone say, 'Oh that promoter is making a ton of money off me!'" Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "The reality is, I would hope EVERY promoter makes a ZILLION in profits. Otherwise, if they are not making money, they are not successful, and why would anyone want to be an unsuccessful promoter? That just leads to a road of failure and without promoters, NONE of us would be needed, trainers, fighters, officials and of course Sanctioning Bodies! Promoters provide an opportunity and a stage for us all, and without them, we don't have a sport. Imagine an NFL Team with no team owners... Get the point? Without Promoters like Johnny Davis, where will our sport go?"

In the past few years AKP has promoted some of the best Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing events in the nation. They stepped up the level of exposure of the sport through forms of media from the IKF website with their many press releases about their events to Facebook as well as YouTube videos both before and after their events.

Although taking a break from promoting, Davis will still be involved at some level in the sport of Kickboxing with his gym in Rocklin California and of course as his role of President of the IKF's "Point Kickboxing" ( division. IKF Point Muay Thai Kickboxing is a creation of Davis' and although it has been copied illegally (The name "POINT" Kickboxing) by others here in the State as well as around the globe, Davis himself founded the actual name of "POINT" Kickboxing.

Davis as well as the IKF agree that the sport deserves better opportunities for its athletes and getting it to that next level, without proper sponsorship or a group such as Station Casino's AND Zuffa, LLC owned by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta (The backers behind UFC MMA) just isn't possible. Few know that UFC was in the red over $50 million dollars before UFC signed the well known SPIKE TV deal that skyrocketed MMA to it's modern day popularity and financial success.

"If you took AK Promotions for example, and the work of the IKF, this is a sport set and ready for major sponsorship and TV." Says Fossum. "We hear daily how people are more and more excited about the stand-up fighting such as Muay Thai Kickboxing as compared to the grappling game."

What this sport is missing is more "REAL" Promoters who take the same pride in their work as AK Promotions has over the years. The sport is here and organized with all the IKF has done with their website. Current Event info, news and the only internet Muay Thai Kickboxing Rankings in the world for Amateur and Professional Muay Thai Kickboxing. The IKF has also built up the IKF website to be the most actively visited Muay Thai Kickboxing website in the world (See Traffic Reports by When someone makes the news or rankings or their event gets posted as an IKF event, it's being viewed by millions of Muay Thai Kickboxing fighters, trainers, officials and fight fans around the world, not just IKF associated people.

AK Promotions was doing it right, like no other Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing Promoter has EVER done! The biggest reason for their popularity and success was they were CONSISTENT! They didn't do 2-3 shows a year for the fun of it. They treated it as a professional business promoting the fighters as well as the SPORT! Over the years they gave fighters not only in California, but from around the world an opportunity to showcase their skills on a stage worthy of such talents.

"AK Promotions has taken great pride in presenting opportunity to so many fighters to become champions and many of them have done just that." Said Davis. "If one day, the right opportunity presents its self in a way that the sport can move forward and fighters can be better taken care of etc., AKP may consider future promotions in the CA. To all of you, I wish you much success...and thanks again for your past support...see you in the next round. Forward March. Sincerely Always Giving My Personal Best." Johnny Davis...

We will miss you and your events Johnny, and we can only hope others will as much as we do. The question now is,

WHO will pick up the torch and carry it now For Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxers on The West Coast?

Will there be other promoters stepping up their game and doing shows like AK Promotions did? Only time will tell, and we can only say, for the fighters, we can only hope so...

Johnny along with the rest of us will next see a lot of you in Orlando, where he will host the IKF World Classic POINT" Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament on Saturday night July 21st in Orlando Florida at the 2012 IKF World Classic...

See you in Orlando!

WEDNESDAY, February 9th, 2011, AT 8:30 PM/ PST

The Beautiful Inferno Dancers Return for
Coach's Kickboxing Event!

March 11th, 2011- Rocklin, CA

January 16th, 2011, the Inferno Dancers were a big hit at the last installment of AK Promotions' IKF Muay Thai Championship Kickboxing show held at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento. The crowd cheered them on as they pranced the ring with round cards and performed an outstanding dance routine. Well, they will be back at the next show to entertained what's expected to be a solid packed house of fight fans! Don't miss the action - filled fights and great performances by the Inferno Dancers Friday Night, March 11th at Coach's Sports Bar in Rocklin...Order and Reserve your seats now! Click HERE!

TUESDAY, January 11th, 2011, AT 6:25 PM/ PST

Congratulations to
Courtnie Relei
Of Sacramento...
Winner of the
National Anthem Contest!

Sacramento native Courtnie Relei, (Right) recently won AK Promotions National Anthem Contest. She out-sang twelve other contestants for the prize! Courtnie will be performing her rendition of the song in front of a packed house of Kickboxing fight fans in the Grand Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

Courtnie has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember. With a mom who was a former lounge singer, she was surrounded by music at a young age. After being a contestant for American Idol in 2008 she went on to pursue her love of performing by singing for other venues such as weddings and some charity events, including singing the National Anthem at Arco Arena...home of the professional basketball team the Sacramento Kings.

Come and witness for yourself her excellent singing talent as she opens the show for the IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship - Sunday, January 16th, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel. Doors and Bars open at 4:30 and fights start at 6:PM for 15 actioned-packed bouts! Card subjected to change. More information on fights and online tickets at
or call (916)205-4764


AK Promotions
Announces Recording Artist Rodge Mamauag as
Winner of National Anthem Contest

Recently, Rodge Mamauag of Sacramento, CA stood out among over a dozen contestants in a National Anthem singing contest hosted by AK Promotions President Johnny Davis. After listening to all the artists performances and several being very talented, "it was obvious when I heard Rodge's vocals, he had to perform this song in front of fight fans who will pack the Doubletree Hotel's Grand Ballroom on Friday night Oct. 8th, 2010." The show subtitled Feet and Fists of Fury will feature live Full Contact Muay Thai Kickboxing action with bouts of women and men. The event starts at 7:PM with Ridge kicking off the show with his outstanding rendition of the Anthem.

Rodge Mamauag, comes from a large family of musicians. At an early age, his parents recognized & encouraged his devotion & fascination with music. His unique vocal tone was enhanced with vocal training at a performing arts school, where he became a professional voice teacher himself after only six months of training. But his soulfulness came about by working with established writer/producer Derek "D.O.A." Allen ("Lately" by Tyrese). This was polished by his dedication to leading the music in his church's weekly services.

Rodge has been active in the California music scene since the mid-90s. As the lead vocalist of the R&B/pop sensation Uz4 (aka TOUCH), there has been a lot of recent pressure to get back into the swing of things, as he had taken a sabbatical from the group to experience & achieve other goals. This was soon after they had the privilege to share the stage with Stevie Wonder at the 1997 Inaugural Ball of President Clinton. Their 1st locally released album, "I Want to Live On", was well received by local radio stations & fans, but the time off started sooner than expected and their ability to promote their 2nd album, "Touch Vol. 1" by Uz4, fell short. The album, which features artists, such as Raphael Saadiq and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., is available online for download.

He now works with other major and independent artists. Recently, he sang on Rebound, the recent jazz album of the late NBA-icon-turned-musical-star, Wayman Tisdale. He also co-wrote "Bedtime Stories" on the recently released debut solo album of Slim, the lead vocalist of the Grammy award-winning R&B sensation, 112. One of his favorite acts that he produces and writes for is Angelace, who is currently working closely with Maureen Singleton, who was the manager of the hit 90s group, SWV.

For booking information, please contact Megaverse Entertainment at (916) 879-1781. -

Come see Rodge perform the National Anthem to open the live IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing show on October 8th at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento. For more information call (916) 205-4762 or (916) 630-9254.

JUNE 13th, 2010

Singer...Lisa McAlister
Returns for National Anthem

Lisa McAlister of Elk Grove, CA brought the house down with a soulful rendition of the National Anthem. AK Promotions was so impressed with her performance in front of a smaller but packed house, they ask for her to return. This time she will be performing what's looking to be yet another packed house but this time in Grand Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel which is three times the size of Tommy T's Comedy and Dinner Theatre, the site for the first show.

One thing for sure, the crowd will be delighted to witness her vocals and professionalism. "She is an awesome talent that's deserving to be showcased in a venue on this scale and larger" says Davis, President of AK Promotions.

The Event is scheduled for Friday, July 2 at the Doubletree Hotel. Over 15 IKF Muay Thai fights between Men and Women are scheduled to take place that evening with three title fights! Don't miss this great evening of sports entertainment in a Las Vegas Style setting! Great Food! Great Drinks! Great Fights! Great Singing and a Great Night Out on the Town! Tell your friends and Get Your Tickets Now! The Best Seats in the house are selling fast! Order them at or call (916) 357-5233.

MONDAY, January 4th, 2010, AT 2:15 PM/ PST

California Athletic Commission Approves
"FIRST LEGAL JUNIOR" Kickboxing Under IKF!

Katrina Nahe of Antioch, CA & Aneka Otte of Scottsdale, AZ
To Headline The Junior Portion Of This Historical Event.

A.K. Promotions, a Kickboxing promotions' company based out of the Sacramento / Rocklin, CA region in conjunction with Tommy T's Comedy and Dinner Theater of Rancho Cordova and the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) confirmed this week that twelve year old kickboxing sensation Katrina "The Storm" Nahee (Left) of Antioch will be fighting Friday night, February 12th, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.

Nahee will be one of 16 other bouts between men and women scheduled for this Las Vegas Style night of IKF Championship Kickboxing! This is the first "LEGAL" Full Contact Kickboxing match for fighters under the age of 16 years old in the State of California.

Nahe who is a two time IKF World Classic Champion will be taking on top contender, 14 year old Aneka Otte (Right) of Scottsdale, Arizona for the vacant IKF Junior Amateur IR Western US Atomweight Title.

Nahe is trained by Mr. Dennis Guila of Guila's Kickboxing of Antioch, CA. The 5'1" tall Nahe has been competing in IKF Point Kickboxing Tournaments since the age of around 6 to help prepare her for the full contact fights she participates in today.

In Their Corners...

One thing is for sure, both these young ladies have been trained by plenty of talent. Lets take a closer look at who will be in their corners come fight time...

Nahe is trained byDennis Guila
With a background in Judo, Boxing, Kenpo, Kajukenbo and tournament competitions as a child, Guila (Left) at the age of 18 was introduced to Full Contact Muay Thai/Kickboxing where he fought his way into the Number 1 Light Heavyweight contender position in 1979. Then in 1983 he fought and earned the WKA Heavyweight title out of Hawaii. Over the years he has taught thousands of students from Hawaii to California and is responsible in many of them earning their black belts. In most recent accomplishments Guila's competition team "Team G-Force" has earned over 300 winning places in local, state, national and international competition in everything from Kata, Empty Hand & Weapons, Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring and IKF Point Kickboxing. In August of 2007, 4 of Guila's Full Contact Kickboxing Team Members (Katrina Nahe, Hugo Rivera, Darryn McDade Jr. and Logan Kauth) put Antioch California on the map by bringing home 4 2007 IKF World Classic Tournament Titles. In August 16th, 2008 he was presented with the "Golden Lifetime Achievement Award" and Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame alongside Champions Kathy Long, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, and the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace.

Otte is trained by Bob Karmel.
Karmel (Right) first began his Muay Thai training under Arjarn Surichai Sirisute, of California and has also trained in Thailand. He began promoting Muay Thai in 1991, promoting of first sanctioned Muay Thai Fights in USA, before moving to Arizona where he became the manager of the Famous Fairtex Muay Thai Camp. He Promoted several well known International events in Philadelphia and Arizona, with British, Dutch and American fighters. Karmel also has some history with the IKF. He was the trainer of well known Women's Muay Thai fighter Deborah 'Sunshine' Fettkether. Sunshine was one of the first IKF Women's Tournament Champions winning her IKF Tournament title ( 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships) in 2000 at the second IKF Tournament of the long tournament history. She won the title with a TKO victory at :49 seconds of round 1 over Wisconsin's Julie Jackle. Karmel has since returned to the promoting and training scene and continues to promote the sport as a trainer of Thai fighters at his camp in Tempe Arizona, the Lions Den.

The night will also feature Adult Muay Thai bouts as well. Two adult men's fights will headline the nights DUAL Main Event! Rising star T. J. Archangle of San Francisco, CA is the current IKF California Light Welterweight Champion and will defend his title against Rick Erlec of Concord, CA. Plus, IKF California Super Welterweight Muay Thai Champion Bryan Padilla of San Jose, CA will defend his title against Top Contender Jon Pryor of Sacramento, CA.

Tickets are available now online at and
$20 Advanced General - $30 at door - $30 Advanced Ringside - $40 Ringside at the door.
Ballroom/Bars Open at 5:30 Fights at 7:PM
For interviews or questions about the show, contact Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or e-mail at

MONDAY, December 28th, 2009, AT 7:05 PM/ PST

2010… Kickboxing's Opportunity for Greatness!
Linger No More!

By AKP's Johnny Davis

Daniel Hodges
of Rocklin continues to
show progress. He has
won his past two fights on
AKP Shows…
The future is getting brighter
for this deceivingly
strong fighter.

Talented IKF CA
Muay Thai Champion
T.J. Archangle
of San Francisco, CA
has fought on the last two
AKP shows and is scheduled
to defend his title again on
Feb. 12th, 2010 at the
Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.
If he wins, his next fight
could be for a bigger title.

Have you ever wondered why the sport of kickboxing including Muay Thai, Hi and Low Kick styles have been around longer than hybrid sports like MMA but lingers in popularity, revenue and promotions? We may need to look no further than ourselves…fighters, trainers and yes even perhaps you… the fans of kickboxing.

For years, fighters, trainers, promoters etc. have given so much to this sport and of themselves training, traveling, sacrificing financially, eating healthy as well as giving up valuable time with their families in pursuit of this dream of kickboxing reaching its fullest potential…but yet, we still linger.

Trainers who many of them were former champions now devote their all to their fighters… be they talented or mediocre, as they too attempt to reach goals perhaps not attainable due to the status of the sport but now seek redemption through their fighters talents hoping for better pay days and recognition…but still, we linger.

Heads of organizations… you know…the alphabet organizations of kickboxing too often settle for their own selfish needs only reaching out to those that solely support their cause and not opening doors to everyone who wants to participate in essence not bringing the best of the best together to offer the fans top quality fights. For example, one gets a TV deal or a big sponsor and only a handful know about it because they feel they can obtain the level of success our sport needs on their own…even if they have no proven record of longevity or success! They squander sponsors money, and promote lack-luster events totally turning off the sponsor to the sport…and we wonder why still…we linger!

The International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) is one of the organizations that I feel have been steadfast in growing the sport of kickboxing. Just their alone, now in its eleventh year has produced numerous professional fighters and has served the sport well. Moreover, they have become willing in recent years to venture with other organizations to assist in the expansion of Kickboxing worldwide and have had some success but not the kind of success this great sport should have obtained by now…so, we continue to linger.

Kickboxing is a great sport… one that I devoted my life to long ago. At the tender age of twelve, I saw a sport that could potentially give me what I saw some boxers getting…the opportunity for fame, glory and lots of money. Thirty fives years later, after obtaining two world championships, numerous other titles, authored a training manual, DVD and created programs like IKF Point Kickboxing© (a proven incubator for our sport that has given so many fighters the opportunity to test their skills in semi contact action before stepping into the full contact arena etc.)…Although some progress has been made…we continue to linger!

Well, my fellow Kickboxing friends, the time is now or never! MMA has made its mark on the world in a short period of time through a few passionate people… one being Dana White and his billionaire partnerships and a clever marketing plan that has ignited a new culture of fighting around the world. The UFC was almost a 'done organization' at one time and with a little creativity, big money and of course, a TV deal with Spike TV, they are now arguably one of the most successful Promotional Companies in the world.

Kickboxing is not that far from greatness! You as the kickboxer and, or trainers etc. must first believe that this sport is great! You must recognize that the essence of even MMA is striking and therefore kickboxing is the ultimate striking sport! Kickboxing has all the core tools for an exciting fight. Using four and sometimes eight weapons while standing visibly in front of enthusiastic fight fans gives an appeal to our sport that other sports have but with even more zeal!

We need to stop using kickboxing as only a bridge to crossover to other sports. Instead, truly commit ourselves and take pride in calling ourselves kickboxers as each time the power of the spoken word evokes consciousness that we exist. Too often as soon as we get a little talent and reputation going for us in Kickboxing, we use it only to move to another sport. In my opinion, this is equivalent to abandonment and doesn't give kickboxing a chance to develop us into the potential superstars we could be. But remember, we have to become a partner in the growth of the sport and our careers. We must constantly be a contributing factor by marketing ourselves at every giving opportunity…as kickboxers.

Additionally, promoters, fighters and trainers, lets be more responsible in what we are doing to our sport. A couple of thoughts to consider: The few promoters out here must better coordinate efforts if needed to give more opportunity for everyone to have a successful event. Hosting shows on the same day or even the same weekend in a certain vicinity, many times hurts us all because it not only splits the gyms but also the revenue stream.

After my last show, I sent a letter to some of those that participated and expressed my thanks for their participation but at the same time laid out my expectation of them for future shows. The results of the letter were very rewarding as I received excellent recommendations on how to move forward with my promotions. Many of these ideas I've included in forthcoming events. Also, I often hit up other promoters in my area to see what their plans are for upcoming events…whether we have a working relationship or not, so when planning my show, I can keep my dates and locations as far away from theirs as possible based on my particular circumstances.

Additionally, trainers must have loyalty to promoters that support them and their fighters. Selling tickets, e-mailing friends and passing out flyers as well as contacting their local media about their participation in a certain event are just a few ways to assist a promoter. Don't take these actions lightly; they are the bread and butter of any promotion that deals with putting butts in seats. Frankly, as one of the responses I received back from one individual commented, "If you are not assisting with that, perhaps your talents are better elsewhere."

Promoters that care about not only just giving title opportunities but at the same time investing time, energy and thousands of dollars into events that highlight the very best of the sport while building those fighters truly devoted to the sport are essential to the sports' growth. We must create the next recognizable superstars for our sport! If not us… then who?

Having fighters walking around in warehouse numbers with the title of Champion does no good for the sport especially if no ones knows who they are. It's my intention to build a fighter all the way from bottom to the top as long as he/she gives me a little loyalty and commitment. This works both ways…

In Closing, make a wish for our sport…make it come true! Make a New Years Resolution that you will do all you can to grow the great sport of kickboxing in 2010. With the new breed of fight culture that has resurged resulting in-large because of the success of MMA, it's a great opportunity for Kickboxing to take its rightful place as not only one of the primary foundations of other fighting sports but too, for the exciting and fantastic sport it truly is! Take on your role to assist and further grow kickboxing by talking to companies and, people you know about purchasing group tickets, sponsoring a fighter or an event etc. Moreover, keeping your local media involved in your activities would serve promoters, fighters and the sport well.

Now is the time! I believe sponsors large and small could benefit from our huge base of kickboxing fans around the world! I believe millions of fans are waiting to see more of their favorite kickboxers in action! I believe our athletes are respectful and awesome marketing vehicles and role models! I believe, we have made great strides and it's just a matter of time before all of the small successes add up to propel us into another space in time!

So, let us linger no more believing that kickboxing is second rate to others! Let us linger no more when we have opportunities to bring deals to the table that will enhance us, but we choose otherwise for our own selfishness or individual causes!
Let us linger no more… holding back all of the current and future champions from their dreams of living the lives that their inner fighting spirit desires!
Let us linger no more... in our hearts from giving our all to make those (who have given before us...fighters, trainers and promoters alike) proud to have dreamed the dream of a glorious future!

The great sport of kickboxing will indeed flourish again into a beautiful rose when fight fans no longer linger their support for the fighters that put in their time, sweat and blood in the gym to give their best when they enter the golden squared circle! Lets make 2010 a great year for the great sport of Kickboxing!

Let us Never Give Up and Linger No Mas…
Forward March!

More information on Johnny Davis at or for 2010 IKF Point Kickboxing© events…go to or Upcoming IKF Championship Kickboxing Events see the events page at

IKF World Classic Tournament

12 year old and 2 Time
IKF World Classic Champion
Katrina "The Storm" Nahe
started her exciting career
competing in IKF Point
Kickboxing Tournaments at
about age six.
AKP is anticipating her first
full contact fight in CA
on February 12, 2010 in
Sacramento, CA.

SUNDAY, December 13th, 2009, AT 10:20 PM/ PST

IKF Junior Kickboxers OK to Compete in California!
State Re-Considers Age-Old Ruling
By AKP Press

12/13/09: It's been a long time coming but change has finally come to the Golden State of CA! After years of the California Athletic Commission standing by their age-old ruling of not allowing junior fighters under the age of 15 years old an opportunity to compete in the sport of Full Contact Kickboxing have changed their stance.

Assorted styles of Muay Thai, International Hi and Low Kick kickboxing can now enjoy the fighting spirits of those ages 8 to 15 years old. Those leading the CA Athletic Commission (CAC) are putting this all too important division in the hands of the largest kickboxing organization in the world, the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) based out of Newcastle, CA. This is great news for the sport of kickboxing and this one ruling will be a driving force for the future of the sport.

Juniors competing in Full Contact Kickboxing is nothing new to the IKF because they have been hosting its Kickboxing version of Boxing's Golden Gloves tournament …The IKF World Classic out of the State for over 10 years. Juniors have always been a large part of the tournament's success. The irony of the IKF World Classic is that the tournament elimination style format and, or juniors were not allowed in the State of CA in the past. Hopefully, we may also see a version of the IKF World Classic right here in CA soon.

The IKF World Classic is undoubtedly the most prestigious kickboxing tournament in North America. 250 plus fighters travel annually to compete in the tournament because they know that the best of the best attend this well organized and non-bias event. Several juniors have traveled over 3000 miles from CA to Florida to compete.

Fighters like 12 year old - two-time World Classic Champion Katrina Nahe (Left) - ( 2007 World Classic Champion at age 9 and 2009 World Classic Champion at age of 11) Antioch, CA who started in IKF Point Kickboxing (semi contact) tournaments at around 7 years old and 11 year old World Classic Champion Alexander Dumas (Right) - (2009 World Classic Champion at age of 10) of Southern, CA have had success in this event.

International Fight Sport CEO Steve Fossum (Below Left) who is primarily (Along with all the Officials, Fighters and Trainers who attend the event) is responsible for the overall success of the IKF World Classic since inception will also oversee the junior division in CA and you can bet, it will be run well and fair for all.

Additionally, Former CAC employee Rebecca Alvarez (Right) of California who has recently joined Johnny Davis' (Below Right) AK Promotions, IKF/PKB Staff as Executive Assistance for Special Events has been one of the primary forces working with the CAC to get juniors approved for Full Contact Kickboxing.

Juniors being allowed to compete in Full Contact Kickboxing is huge in many ways but most importantly, it puts the sport on an even playing field with other contact sports like Boxing who some of their brightest stars all started as earlier as six years old. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya who had the opportunity to compete in programs like the Police Athletic League (PAL), USA Boxing and of course The Olympics. Today, without a doubt, they are among the richest and most recognized figures in the world. Kickboxing can have the same results because of the amazing athletes and respectful personalities we have in our disciplined sport.

There is no doubt that kickboxing is one of the most exciting contact sports in the world. Striking is what most fight-fans like to see and Kickboxing is the ultimate striking sport! Bouts are packed with intense action that delights most fans' innermost desires.

For over 8 years, IKF Point Kickboxing has been one of the primary incubators to grow champions in Kickboxing and an exciting 2010 circuit will continue to do the same. However, with proper promotion, more sponsorship and another excellent incubator like juniors being allowed to compete in full contact Kickboxing in a major hub like California, Kickboxing will have a better chance to take its rightful place on the main stage of other contact fighting sports! Forward March!

The first card officially to be held in the State of CA that will include juniors will be AK Promotions Presents IKF Championship Kickboxing on Friday, February 12th, 2010 in Sacramento, CA at the Doubletree Hotel. Stats of junior fighters from 8 to 15 years old are now being accepted. Men and Women's bouts are also being matched for the card. For more information email - (916) 205-4762.

THURSDAY, December 3rd, 2009, AT 12:45 PM/ PST

AK Promotions
Championship Kickboxing!

Two time Kickboxing World Champion Johnny Davis' and his AK Promotions Team have confirmed their next event date. Davis' next IKF Championship Kickboxing Fights will be Friday, February 12th, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento, CA!

Men, Women and Junior Full Contact Bouts of Muay Thai, International and American High Kick Styles will be featured on the fight card! Davis will be matching CA fighters soon so if your a fighter or trainer, you may want to get ahead of the game and send in all your fighters stats and fighting styles by e-mail to Davis at

Ticket prices will be $20 Advanced General, $30 at door. $30 Advanced Ringside, $40 Ringside at the door. Great Prices for Great Fights!

For more info go to or Contact Mr. Johnny Davis at (916) 205-4762 or by e-mail at

SUNDAY, September 6th, 2009, AT 9:40 AM/PST

AK Promotions in Conjunction With The IKF
Is looking For The
Next Great Kickboxing Champion!

At tonights AK Promotions "IKF Kickboxing" at & Tommy T's in Rancho Cordova, California, USA, Mike Alfazi (L) of San Luis Obispo, California, USA (0-0, 5'9") thinks he may be the "Next Great Kickboxing Champion" but first he will have to prove himself against the very tough Jesse Gonzales of Vacaville, California, USA (0-0, 5'7"). Gonzales was origionally scheduled to face off against Chais Hare of Northern, California, USA but for unknown reasons, Hare is now off the card.

Alfazi was origionally scheduled to face Jesse Agricula of Sonoma, California, USA (R, 0-0, 5'8", 22). However, Agricula is now facing off against Quincy Schoeman of Oakdale, California, USA (1-0, 5'7")

Argricula is well known on the IKF Point Kickboxing Circuit for his speed and technique with non stop action. We are not sure what Schoeman will be bringing to the table but one thing for sure, he will have his hands full with Argricula!

Who is the next Great Kickboxing Champ?
Let AK Promotions know by e-mail so we can do a story on YOU!
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