Conrad Woodall

In February of 2002 Mr. Fossum past the torch sort of say of his Martial Arts school here at the IKF Headquarters to Mr. Conrad Woodall.
After building up his classes in Newcastle Conrad expanded his school to Loomis, CA.
In May of 2007 he expanded to an even larger location in Rocklin, California.
When Mr. Woodall attained a job teaching Criminal Justice he moved his club back to Loomis.
Eventually he moved back to the Newcastle Location and in December of 2017 he ended up moving to Idaho.
Before his move he handing the school over to one of he Black Belts Theo Schubert.
ran the school for a short time and ended up closing it in the fall of 2020 before moving to Idaho as well.
Mr. Woodall still comes back to California to do special Seminars under the Woodall's Self Defense name.
For more info go to
"Woodall's Self Defense"AT

The contact number for Mr. Woodall's school is (916) 660-9311.

Mr. Conrad Woodall's Facebook Page