IKF Honors Another Great One!

Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble
Vancouver, British Columbia Via Newport, Kentucky, USA

"Jerry Trimble Greatest Hits"

Most Know Him As A Former
But "The Golden Boy" Is Also An
Actor, Stuntman, Youth Motivational Speaker!

By Steve Fossum with excerpts from JerryTrimble.com

Growing up loving the Martial Arts, one my stars was "The Golden Boy" - Jerry Trimble! Going by the written facts of Wikapedia, Trimble is a former full-contact karate champion who fought under the nickname "Golden Boy", but we already knew that. Some of the things some may not know is that he played Jonny in the 1989 film The Master alongside Jet Li.

Jerry's married to actress Ami Dolenz (daughter of The Monkees' Micky Dolenz) and is living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He grew up in Newport, Kentucky, USA.

Jerry Foster Trimble Jr., son of Patricia and Jerry Trimble, Sr., born and raised in a small Midwest town of Newport, Kentucky. Like a lot of us in Martial Arts such as myself, as a child, bullying and humiliation were a regular occurrence for Jerry. At the age of 14, while sitting in a movie theater watching "Chinese Connection", Jerry got inspired. When Bruce Lee jumped out onto the screen, his life changed forever. He began studying the martial art; Tae kwon-do and bullying became a thing of the past.

In only 18 months he earned the rank of first-degree black belt and 4 months later, he started competing in tournaments around the country, winning championships in fighting and forms competition. He currently holds the rank of 6th Dan black belt awarded to him by 8th Dan, Dennis Donofrio. One afternoon, he saw a kickboxing match on TV, against Kickboxing legends, Howard Jackson and Richard Jackson and after seeing the bout he decided to implement boxing into his arsenal and began training with Covington, Kentucky's, Terry O'Brien, from the Shamrock Boxing Gym. It was on June 6th, 1980 that he competed in his first Kickboxing match where he won by TKO against Tommy Marshall in the 4th round who was the AAU Champion winning Jerry the Kentucky State Championship. It was then that Jerry gave notice to his day job at Kroger's warehouse, said good-bye to his family and friends in Newport, Kentucky and moved to Atlanta Georgia, in pursuit of a World Title in Kickboxing.

There he went on to join the team of PKA Promoter, Joe Corley and trainers, Asa Gordon and Tony Mullinax. Not long after Jerry took out Anthony Thompson for the Georgia State Title becoming a fast rising star on his way to the World Championship.

Jerry went on to TKO the number 1 ranked world contender, Tony "The International Tiger" Rosser, in the third round. Jerry took Rosser out with his trademark jump spinning hook kick. With his hands at his side, Jerry methodically picked apart Rosser in every round. He would hit Rosser almost at will. Rosser's pre fight comments: "Jerry Trimble's a legend in his own mind, if he thinks he can come in here and beat the International Tiger, he's got another thing coming. I'm going to knock out Jerry Trimble." As they say, the rest is history. This will go down as one of the greatest fights ever. To see this bout, click below:

Jerry Trimble VS Tony Rosser.

After the impressive victory Jerry earned a shot at the United States Title. In that bout Jerry broke the former Champion's jaw with a vicious kick in their nine round on his way to winning the U.S. Title against Brooklyn's, Tony Arneaud.

After the bout World Champion, Leroy Taylor turns down a challenge by Jerry at his World Title. Jerry's camp came up with a plan, defeat the champion's brother, John Taylor, and the Champion would have to accept his challenge in order to avenge his brother's loss. As planned, Jerry defeated John Taylor in the 6th round by TKO and as soon as the referee stopped the fight, Leroy Taylor jumped into the ring and challenged the Jerry to a World Title shot... Clearly Taylor didn't bother to "Think" much before acting cause on April 26th, 1986, at the Omni Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, Jerry defeated Leroy "Superfeet" Taylor and becomes the PKA and the PKC World Kickboxing Champion!

However, as always expected, Taylor wanted a shot at winning his title back so a rematch was quickly in the works. However before the rematch Jerry wanted a shot at another fighter, European Champion, Pascal Leplat of France. In this tune up fight before the rematch Jerry defeated Leplat by unanimous decision.

Jerry Trimble VS Pascal Leplat

Next was Jerry's rematch with Taylor. To get his conditioning level up to par, he traveled to Houston, Texas, to train with Tim Hallmark who was the conditioning coach for Evander Holyfield. The fight went 12 rounds and was scored a draw. The crowd was furious at the decision because Jerry literally chased Taylor around the ring the entire fight. Even though a draw by decision, Jerry retained his World Title.

Jerry's last fight was with Virginia's, Curtis Bush, The Explosive Thin Man! This fight too ended in a 12 round draw.

The International kickboxing media once called him the flashiest fighter and fastest kicker in the sport of kickboxing. (118 MPH was the speed of his hook kick) Jerry quickly gained world recognition with his flamboyant style of fighting. It was his lightening fast jump spinning kicks and antics that would always guarantee him the crowd favorite. It's even been said that you either loved him or hated him.

Frustrated with the sport, Jerry decided it was time to move on in life, so he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, California to embark upon a career in the entertainment business. Goodbye ring...Hello Hollywood.

He retired from fighting in April of 1990 with an impressive record of 36-2 and quite a list of accomplishments:

  • FFKA #1 in the World.

  • Kentucky Kickboxing Champion.

  • Georgia Kickboxing Champion.

  • Southeast Kickboxing Champion.

  • United States Kickboxing Champion.

  • PKA Light Welterweight World Kickboxing Champion.

  • PKC Light Welterweight World Kickboxing Champion.

Soon he was off to Hollywood, California to embark on a career in the entertainment business. Within a few months he signed with a talent manager and his first two auditions resulted in leading roles in the same week.

Jerry's been in over twenty five feature films and TV shows, in half of which he played lead. The list includes Green Hornet as well as Heat (playing alongside Al Pacino and Robert De Niro) and Charlie's Angels (where he was nominated for the Taurus Award in the category of best fight). He was in Mission Impossible III where he had a one on one fight scene with Tom Cruise.

He stated that Tom exhibited excellent fighting skills for a non-professional fighter. Some of Jerry's most recent work can be seen in The Butcher with Eric Roberts, TV shows Dark Blue and Eleventh Hour.

Jerry married actress, author and artist Ami Dolenz on August 10th, 2002. He has dual citizenship in Canada and the U.S. Excited about his gifts and inspiration Jerry shares his message of Martial Arts and Motivation at public schools and special events throughout the US and Canada where he also continues working as an Actor, Stuntman and Youth Motivational Speaker. For more about the "Golden Boy" check out the links below.

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