Kru Rex / Vichai Supkitpol
1951 - January 9th, 2020

Your One Of God's Champions Now My Friend.

"There will be many ways to remember you my friend, but for me, it will be the charm and sincerity of your infectious smile that made all of us smile back.
You were many faces to us all, but I choose to remember that smile...
Steve Fossum

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou


"Kru Rex was originally from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand and without a doubt, was a big part of Muay Thai, especially here in the USA.
With over 40 years of training in Muay Thai he also amassed an impressive 131-5-24 record as a junior featherweight champion in Thailand and middleweight kickboxing champion here in Los Angeles.
He believed anyone could benefit from learning Muay Thai, and tailored each of his student's workouts accordingly.
Along with being a Muay Thai student, fighter and trainer he has refereed and judged "Thousands" of amateur and professional Muay Thai fights around the world.


"Ajarn Rex was a man that could make you believe anything was real, even his most outlandish jokes, which he shared with flare and a gleaming smile!
He was a magic man, with his whimsical teaching style and his incredible sleight of hand!
He always had us working hard on our workouts, sweating and bruised, yet with his humor it never felt quite like work, it was fun and we worked harder for it.
" Kru Juice

Paying Respect to Kru Rex
-Muay Thai Long Time Friend-

Jean Carrillo

Kru Rex Interview 2015

Ajarn Rex Magic Trick

Ajarn Rex's Magic Trick 2015

Ajarn Rex Teaching Thai Pads


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THAT SMILE... That smile was something Kru Rex ALWAYS had on Fight Day. Whether telling jokes or simply helping to keep fighter's relaxed, he ALWAYS had it with him.
Those who didn't know him, sometimes wondered how to take his humor, but little did they know that behind that big smile and that twinkle in his eye was once a Fierce Warrior
that went to battle well over 100 times in the ring and had his hand raised as a winner over 130 times... Clearly, it was easy for him to Smile, as he was always confident of who he was,
what he had accomplished and what he still wanted to share with others. Those who understood him walked away with Golden Moments, and those who didn't,
well, they missed a Gem of an Opportunity that only comes around once in a lifetime...

Kru Rex & Shawn Yacoubian

Pongsan Cheunniran, Nancy Cataño, Rath Ren, Dan Stell, Steve Fossum, Jim VanOver & Ajarn Rex

"You've seen him on Lion, Bellator and Glory.... one of the most iconic legends in the muay thai community...
Kru Rex. I've had the honor to grow up on/off the mat under his wing. The stories, the knowledge, the magic, truly the man of 1000 smiles.
" Nancy Cataño

Bob Fisher, Ajarn Rex Adrian Sanchez
Sarinda Chaney & Bob Chaney

Faith Venus Amsterdam Promotions' "MUAY THAI ULTIMATE"
August 22nd, 2015 - Anaheim, California, USA

FRONT: Francisco Granillo, Francisco Abundis, Kim Kongkriangkai, Rath Ren, Jess Garcia
SECOND: Dr. Audrey Konow, Ron Estrada, Andrew Alivarez, Nancy Cataño, Jim VanOver, Dan Stell, Elaine Jojola, Noah Trujillo, Faith Venus Amsterdam, Dr. Gatus & Kru Rex.

Not Sure What He Said,
But Whatever It Was That Kru Rex Said To Relax Albert Malatamban's Fighter Jewels Marie Perez
But Whatever It Is, It Brought A Smile To His Face...

Kru Rex And Bryan Dobler

Rath Ren And Kru Rex

Derek Enns (CSAC) & Kru Rex

Alexander Palma, Ajarn Rex, Patrick Valor Rivera and Thiago Azeredo.

Bryan Dobler (L) and Ajarn Rex on Ajarn's way to the Masters Hall of Fame to be inducted.

Ajarn Rex - Masters Hall of Fame.

Ajarn Rex - Masters Hall of Fame.

Ajarn Rex - Masters Hall of Fame.

"My last event I ever saw him at. He showed my daughter 1 of his magic tricks. For the short time I knew him he was an very inspirational guy. He Also gave me some mentorship judging points.
he will surely be missed
" Damian Hollywood

Kru Rex / Vichai Supkitpol
1951 - 2020

Ajarn Rex Funeral Services.
Traditional Thai Ceremony
Saturday February 1st at 6:PM.
Wat Thai Of Los Angeles
8225 Coldwater Canyon Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605.
Funeral Service
Sunday February 2nd at 3:PM.
Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Poem Below Was Found Posted On Facebook By Bryant Pimentel
"This poem is one of my favorites and I'd like to share it today because it speaks to how I feel about Ajarn Rex,
my Kru, my teacher, my mentor, my inspiration, my friend and family from when he showed me so much kindness,
patience and love. You will now train the most highest of spirits. Khob kun krup.
Rest in paradise Ajarn Rex. Sawadee krup
" Bryant Pimentel

I've been reading all the comments all over facebook about the passing today of our friend Ajarn Rex -
His smile, his jokes, magic tricks and of course, his work keeping so many safe in the sport he loved
as a Professional Muay Thai Referee.
After reading them, there is one quote that fits our friend perfectly...

The Words Of This Song Shall Be My Final Word For You My Friend...
For No One Could Have Put Them Better...
"Jealous Of The Angels"

Donna Taggart

Rest In Peace My Friend... You Are One Of Gods Champions Now...
Steve Fossum