IKF Honors Another Great One!
Paul Biafore
- Andrew San Paul -

MONDAY, September 30th, 2002, AT 5:00 PM, PT

Biafore Retires From The Ring...
And Moves Forward In Life

Paul Biafore Vs. Bernard Robinson

The last time any of us saw Paul Biafore of Missaga, Ontario, Canada in the ring he was blasting Bernard "Swiftkick" Robinson of Pittsburgh, PA, USA by TKO at the end of the 4th round in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA on May 14th, 1999. Biafore was ahead on all the cards at the time, 40-36, 40-35 & 40-35. The bout was in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. Paul was trained by Nick Ventura and the IKF title he won was the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules World Welterweight Title. With the fresh win improving his fight record to 31-4-1 with 16 wins by KO, it would appear he had plenty of fight left in him.

However, the truth was, although he had plenty to dish out to others in the ring, it seemed no one wanted a part of Biafore ever again. Since his IKF World Title victory in May of 1999 he never received any worthy offers to fight again. So instead of sitting around to wait for the phone to ring he started doing other things. Two of those things helped in his decision to pack up his bags and move to sunny Southern California. his quest... To pursue a career in Music as well as start teaching his skills to others.

Biafore has nothing to prove to anyone ever again in the ring as a fighter. Holder of multiple World Titles, he's proven himself plenty to everyone. Over the years he was competing in Kickboxing we have watched his career closely. It's not hard to find many who would agree that he is clearly one of the best fighter of his time in his weightclass.

He comes to the table with dedication, diligent, confidence, depth of knowledge and experience. To find another competitor like Biafore may take a lifetime.

His plans now are to be the best instructor, coach , and mentor any new competitor could wish for. We are confident that he will push them to the greatest heights and take them to places they not thought possible on there own. The benefits of his years of experience and competition will prove invaluable. In our opinion there are very few others that can do what Paul Biafore has done and can do for the sport and the students of kickboxing.

If you are interested in booking Mr. Biafore for seminars please contact the IKF for more info.

From A Fan: "In his time and reign as champion there were few that came close to his level of kickboxing ability and ring generalship. Inside the ring he had incredible speed and power, and his timing and reaction skills were second to none. Outside the ring Paul Biafore always carried himself with class and was humble and very well liked everywhere he went. Paul's reign? as 4 time World Welterweight Kickboxing Champion never recieved the recognition he deserved." shin2dachin


Biafore Vs Robinson

Biafore Highlights


Biafore Vs Bussart


Biafore Vs Anderson


Biafore Highlights

Biafore Vs O'Kane

May, 2006


Or Actually, It's Andrew San Paul...

Former IKF Professional World Champion Paul Biafore (Now known as Andrew San Paul) has been moving up quite well in his music career. A while back we announced his new CD.

Now we have been informed that his songs, "We Are the People" & "There's Hope" have hit the Charts on Jamwave, an Internet Radio site. We Are the People is at number 30 today and There's Hope is at number 35 today.

To see the charts, go to www.jamwave.com and click "CHARTS" and then "ROCK".

You can hear his songs and buy a CD at www.cdbaby.com/cd/andrewsanpaul

Andrew San Paul Music Videos

"We Are the People" VIDEO

"There's Hope" VIDEO