MONDAY, December 9th, 2013, AT 3:00 PM/ PST

The Worlds Of MMA & Muay Thai
Say Good-bye To
Shane Del Rosario

Former Muay Thai Champion and Pro MMA fighter Shane Del Rosario left us all yesterday following a nearly two week battle after a Catastrophic Cardiovascular Collapse on Tuesday, November 26th. He had been hospitalized at the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California in critical condition after suffering from full cardiac arrest after two heart attacks.

That same day, Del Rosario's manager Jason House said in a statement to that "Shane del Rosario had a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse at home on Tuesday morning, He was brought to the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated in the emergency room back to a stable heart rhythm and blood pressure. He is currently in the coronary care unit critically ill. Our prayers are with him and his family."

According to Erik Apple, a training partner who has known del Rosario since they were in high school, Del Rosario was found at home by his roommate, UFC flyweight Ian McCall. McCall called 911 and administered CPR to Del Rosario before he was taken to the hospital.

The days following have been confusing weeks as several misreported his passing. ESPN reported Del Rosario had died on November 28, and this was repeated in various outlets. The credited author ( Josh Gross ) denied having written the story, and later reported Del Rosario alive, though without brain activity.

On November 30, Apple said Del Rosario was off life support and breathing on his own. He also registered brain activity and squeezed his mother's hand. Doctors believe he may have a rare heart condition called Long QT Syndrome.

After two confusing weeks and several mis-reports of his passing, Del Rosario took his last breath yesterday.

Del Rosario was both a Champion Muay Thai fighter and Pro MMA fighter (11-2) who had fought under the UFC, Strikeforce, M-1 Global, ShoXC, and King of the Cage. He was on an undefeated, 11 fight win streak (10 of those only took Shane 1 round and 8 of them were wins by TKO/KO) until hit by a drunk driver in 2011.

He was scheduled to fight Dave Herman at UFC 162 in July but had to pull out of a bout due to injury. He was also scheduled for his first fight in 2013 against Guto Inocente at UFC 168 in December, but recently pulled out due to a rib injury.

His last two bouts were under the UFC Banner in the heavyweight division and his last bout was over a year ago on December 15th, 2012, a loss to Pat Barry.

Shane was born and raised in Orange County, California, and is of Norwegian and Hawaiian descent. He started training as a fighter when he was 17 years old with Marco Ruas. He then attended and graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in psychology out of UC Irvine.

Shane was a Muay Thai Kickboxer before an MMA fighter. As a pro Muay Thai fighter he held a record of 8-1 with 8 wins by KO/TKO. He competed as a Heavyweight on the World Championship Kickboxing series of events hosted by In Sync Productions.

On November 9th, 2006, Del Rosario fought Tyler Grear and dropped him with a power punch early in round two giving Del Rosario the win by knockout at 16 seconds of the second round. After defeating Justin Carver by first round knockout on January 11, 2007, Shane then fought reigning WBC Muay Thai International Heavyweight Champion Ricardo van den Bos for the vacant WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Championship.

Del Rosario dominated van den Bos throughout the majority of the bout. After dropping van den Bos twice in round number two, Del Rosario landed a knee that finished Ricardo van den Bos at the last second of the round. He was then declared the winner by knockout at 3:00 of round two and the new WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion. The win also made him the first American to have won the WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight title.

Del Rosario's first career loss came in his first title defense against Dutch kickboxer Ginty Vrede on January 12th, 2008. Going into the bout as the fan favorite, he appeared to hurt Vrede in the opening round. Vrede came back with a powerful hook that stunned Del Rosario and forced a standing eight-count by the referee.

After beating the count, Del Rosario was dropped by an immediate high kick. The referee stopped the fight at 2:24 of the first round and declared Vrede the new WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion.

SadlyGinty Vrede's reign as Champion didn't last long. On January 28, 2008, just over 2 weeks after his bout with Del Rosario, Vrede also past away. He was on an impromptu training session in the Pancration Sports Centre in Amsterdam when at some point he stated that he did not feel very well, and collapsed moments later. CPR was administered for nearly half an hour could not save him. He died on his way to the hospital.

After Ginty Vrede's death the WBC World Heavyweight title was vacated. On July 26th, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Del Rosario faced off and defeated Mexican kickboxer Ricardo Romero by knockout at 1:20 in the second round to win the title for a second time.

All of us here at ISCF MMA and IKF Kickboxing would like to extend our sincere condolences to Del Rosario's friends and loved ones.