Regional Seeding Tournament

Nampa, Idaho, USA
May 13th, 2006

WEDNESDAY, May 17th, 2006, AT 6:20 PM, PT

IKF North Mountain Regional

Nampa, Idaho, USA

Mike Storm, IKF Representative: Chris Reyna and Bruce Williams of Sidekicks Martial Arts in Nampa, Idaho were the hosts of the IKF North Mountain Regional Kickboxing Championships at Sage Valley Intermediate School on May 13, 2006.

This was a non mandatory regional tournament for those looking for a higher seeding at the IKF World Classic in July. Although 7 states in all were included in the boundaries for this event (Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana and Washington) only two States sent fighters. Still, there was some great action by those willing to "Walk The Walk!"

Fighters from Idaho and Montana were the ones in attendance to "Walk The Walk" competing in Muay Thai and International Rules bouts for regional titles and seeding placements at the IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing Tournament scheduled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this year on July 28th, 29th & 30th.

Here are the bout results below:

  1. Junior Featherweight, International Rules
    Kaden Fondren (4-3, 3 KO's, Nampa, Idaho) Vs Jacob Fuller (3-0, Nampa, Idaho)
    This was the 3rd fight between these boys. The first two were won by Jacob Fuller representing the only losses on Kaden Fondren's record. Kaden was unable to avenge the previous losses by losing the decision once again to Jacob.
    ROUND 1: Fuller came out of the corner swinging. A barrage of punches backed Fondren up early in the round smothering him and keeping him from doing anything in return.
    ROUND 2: The second round was much the same as the first with Fuller using longer arms and stronger punching skills to keep Fondren off of him.
    ROUND 3: A good round for Fondren who dug deep and fought his way inside and work Fuller over to win the round on 2 of the 3 judges scorecards with a continuous flurry of punches. Unfortunately for Fondren, it was too little too late.
    Judges Ray Perales had it 28-29, Fuller, Patrick Smith had it 27-30, Fuller and Jason Reed had it 28-29, Jacob Fuller who took the bout by unanimous decision.

  2. Junior Welterweight, International Rules
    Callie Waite (1-2, Meridian, Idaho) Vs Savannah Hill (2-0, Nampa, Idaho)
    ROUND 1: Both girls came out kicking and punching each other relentlessly with neither wanting to give up ground. The edge probably went to Waite for getting off first throughout most of the exchanges.
    ROUND 2: Hill appeared stronger in this round throwing more kicks and started backing Waite up toward the end of the round.
    ROUND 3: The last round started and stopped much the same way with both girls kicking and punching and neither wanting to give in. Hill appeared to have a slight edge with a higher volume of leg kicks.
    In a very close fight, Judges Ray Perales saw it 28-28, Even, Patrick Smith had it 28-29, Hill and Jason Reed had it 28-29, Savannah Hill who took the bout by majority decision.

  3. Junior Welterweight, International Rules
    Taylor Waite (2-2, Meridian, Idaho) Vs Sterling Jones (0-1, Nampa, Idaho)
    ROUND 1: Superior boxing skills and footwork made Waite a difficult target for Jones to hit in the first round.
    ROUND 2:Jones was able to cut off the ring and land a few blows making it a close round. Waite appeared to have the stronger punches making it a hard round to score.
    ROUND 3: Jones came ahead early moving Waite back with strong punches forcing Waite to hold-on. Waite was given a warning in the round for tripping in an effort to escape Jones. Jones won the last round on all judges scorecards.
    In a very close fight… Judges Ray Perales, 28-29, Jones Patrick Smith, 29-28, Waite and judge Jason Reed had it 29-28, Taylor Waite who took the bout by split decision.

  4. Adult Welterweight, Muay Thai Rules
    Joseph Crego (1-0/1, Nampa, Idaho) Vs Torr Harrison (0-1, Missoula, Montana)
    ROUND 1: Superior height and reach gave Harrison an advantage right off. Harrison punched Crego in the face several times and then delivered knees to Crego's body while in the clinch. A well placed knee from Harrison to Crego's body put Crego down for an 8-count in the round. Harrison was unable to put Crego away before the end of the round.
    ROUND 2: At the start of the round, Harrison appeared tired from exerting so much energy at the end of the first round trying to put Crego away. Crego started the second round with something to prove. Crego charged inside of Harrison's punches and delivered a series of his own punches which backed Harrison into the corner causing him to cover up. Crego continued pounding Harrison to the head and when Harrison failed to fight back, Referee Todd Young stepped in and stopped the fight at :53 seconds of Round 2. Winner by TKO…Joseph Crego

  5. Super Heavyweight, Muay Thai Rules
    John Ladd (6-0, 1 KO, Nampa, Idaho) Vs Marcus Nicola (0-1, Missoula, Montana)
    ROUND 1: Ladd with long legs threw several kicks to Nicola's head throughout the round. When Nicola charged inside to get at Ladd's body, Ladd tied him up stalling Nicola's attack. Ladd then managed to work the knees on the inside and then tie Nicola up again causing Nicola to be unable to work effectively in the clinch.
    ROUND 2: The second round was simply a continuation of the first round. Ladd would hit or kick Nicola and then tie him up.
    ROUND 3: Ladd dominated the round alternating strong kicks to Nicola's legs and then going upstairs to the head. Nicola was unable to get inside in the third round. Ladd finished the fight strong.
    Judges Ray Perales, 30-27, Ladd, Patrick Smith, 29-28, Ladd and Jason Reed, 30-27, Ladd
    Winner by unanimous decision…John Ladd
  • Regional Walkovers
    • Corbin Burkett
      Junior Bantamweight, 0-1, when the doctor pulled his opponent prior to the fight.
    • A.J. Poulson
      Light Middleweight Champion, 4-1/1, when his opponent couldn't make weight.
    • Mario "M.J." Solis
      Atomweight, 12-0-1/3, when his opponent failed to show at the event.
    • Bianca Solis
      Atomweight, 13-2/1, when they couldn't find an opponent to fight her.
    • Marko Martinez
      Super Middleweight, 0-0, when they couldn't find an opponent to fight him.
    • There were also 2 exhibition fights on the card featuring: Randall Frost vs. Brian Hixon and M.J. Solis vs. Zach Jones.

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Bruce Williams At (208) 463-9999 or by E-mail at

Regional Seeding Tournament for the entire States noted in RED Above

    1. Idaho
    2. Utah
    3. Nevada
    4. Oregon
    5. Wyoming
    6. Montana
    7. Washington
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: April 14th, 2006
  • WEIGH-INS: Friday Night, May 12th: 7:PM - 9:PM
    • Mail all Registration Forms To
      • Sidekicks Martial Arts
        204 3RD Ave S
        Nampa, ID, 83651-3722
        • Please make all checks out to: Sidekicks Martial Arts
    • International & Muay Thai Rules Only
  • REGIONAL DIRECTOR: Bruce Williams
  • VENUE: Sidekicks
  • WEB PAGE: This One
  • CONTACT: Bruce Williams
  • PHONE CONTACT: (208) 463-9999

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