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MONDAY, March 30th, 2009, AT 3:40 PM/ PST

Former World Champion
Brian Schwartz
Proves Kickboxing Is Still A Winner!

Hosting 5 IKF Titles On His First Event this Past Friday Night in California!

Brian Schwartz is no stranger to winning as his career gave him many wins including a Kickboxing World Title. Mr. Schwartz has now taken it to another level. Opening his beautiful Undisputed Gym is San Carlos, CA was just a portion of his plan. But he was no where near done. This past Friday night, he promoted is first Kickboxing show at the premier Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA and what a grand show!

The theater which seats about 1200 spectators was "Officially" Sold out by the 4th fight of the night and was packed to the ceiling as screaming fans showed their support for what very well could have signaled the re-emergence of the great sport of kickboxing in CA.

The fight card featured some of the up and coming fighters from across the state taking on fighters from as far away as Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was clear that the competitors were hungry to showcase their skills just as the fans were ready to see some great stand-up action...and they were not disappointed! Most of the 18 fights were well matched and the bouts action packed! Knockouts, ring girls and blasting music was all apart of this great night of fights!

Lets not forget the "Who's Who" list of guest at the event. Guests included Kickboxing Champions such as Javier Mendez, Francis "Footloose" Farley, Cung Le, Rudi Ott, Jongsanan Fairtex, Dan "Bam Bam" Stell, Bunkerd Faphimai (Fairtex), Johnny "Superfoot" Davis, Fernando "Cool" Callaros and George "TNT" Tsutsui just to name a few.

In addition to the Kickboxing & Muay Thai Champions, well known Strikeforce Promoter Scott Coker was also in attendance along with well known Pro Football player from the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, Jerry Rice. It was with out a doubt, "The Place To Be" Friday night in the Bay Area!

Thanks Brian for an Excellent Show and giving the Sport of Kickboxing a much needed shot in the arm!
Forward March!

More Pictures and The Full Article Coming Later This week!


Results From Warrior's Fight Promotions'
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
March 28th, 2009 - Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

Once again, this was an exciting night for kickboxing in Minnesota! The event featured six exciting fights, four Amateur and two Pro. The fighters promised to give the crowd a great show and they did not disappoint. The night was full of hard hitting, high action, and close fights! Thank you to all competitors. Hats off to New World Combat who travelled all the way from Texas. They have been to Minnesota several times and are always game to "Walk the Walk!"

Here are the Nights Results:

  1. Amateur Muay Thai
    Fernando Aguilar, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, BX: 0-1, 135.4, 5'7", 6-29-91, Francisco Sanchez, VS Lee Lor, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA, 1-1, 141.4, 5'6" 12-31-79.
    This fight started off with hard slapping kicks and punches from Aguilar. Both fighters were in good condition as the fight progressed. Lor began to display more technical Muay Thai in the clinches and with knee strikes. However both fighters' clinches were clean with the knee strikes solid and clear. In the end it was Aguilar with more hands and kicks that won the split decision.
    Winner: Fernando Aguilar by Split Decision: 30-27, 28-29, 30-27.
    REFEREE: Greg Nelson
    JUDGES: Ralph Lee Judges: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  2. Amateur Kickboxing
    Matt Hunter, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 2-0, 150.6, 5'9" 9-13-86, Steve Peterson VS Adam Patneaude, Isanti, Minnesota, USA, 3-1, 149.6, 5'6", 11-13-73, Reid
    This was a classic fast paced 3 round amateur fight. The fighters came out very busy and determined to put the other down. Patneaude seemed to be the dominate driver of the fight with ring control and hard hits, however it was Hunter that had more poise and scored more shots for the win.
    Winner: Matt Hunter by Split Decision: 30-27, 29-28, 28-30.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  3. Amateur Muay Thai
    Mario Martinez, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, KB:1-0, BX, 3-1, 141.2, 7-12-86, Francisco Sanchez, VS Sean Paulson, Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, 1-0, 138.8, 5'8", 12-18-79, Greg Nelson
    First round was controlled by Martinez with slapping punches, leg kicks and body shots he was the initiator and landed lots of punches. Round 2 was closer, however it was Martinez with the more damaging punches and all around control. Round 3 goes to Paulson as Martinez seemed to slow down and Paulson found his groove making Martinez miss with timing and movement. Paulson looked great and put it all together to finish strong, but too little too late.
    Winner: Mario Martinez by Unanimous: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brain Campbell, Peyton Russell, Mike Duffy

  4. Amateur Kickboxing
    Hector Orozco, New Hope, Minnesota, USA, 5-0, Boxing, 0-1, 155.8, 5'8", 11-27-87, Rick Anderson, VS Cody Runquist, Aurora, Minnesota, USA, KB: 5-2, BX: 2-2, 164.2, 5'7", 6-18-91, Jim Yount,
    1st round It seemed as if Runquist was not fully warmed or ready to fight and entered the ring a little too casual. Orozco came out smoking and landed several punches that dropped Runquist for the first 8 count. He was a little shaky during the count but gained his composure and resumed the fight. Orozco again landed several punches following with a hard slapping roundhouse kick to the neck and jaw that dropped Runquist for the second time. With the heart and spirit of a fighter Runquist rose to fight but when referee Ralph Lee saw how unsteady he was he waved the fight to a close.
    Winner: Hector Orozco by TKO At 1:11 of round 1. REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brain Campbell, Peyton Russell, Mike Duffy.

  5. Pro Muay Thai
    Troy Hill, Hinkley, Minnesota, USA, KB: 0-1, MMA: 23-9, 168, 5'11", 10-19-74, Self VS Adam Morin, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, 4-1, 164, 5'10", 1-14-80, Chris Cichon.
    Both fighters began with respect for each other, cautiously feeling each other out as pros do. Hill initiated some wild kicks and really showed the style and aggression of an MMA fighter while Morin kept his Muay Thai poise and strong stance while waiting for his opportunity. That opportunity came early in the second round. Morin landed a crushing leg kick after several well placed leg kicks. Hill showed the damage by limping and grimacing. Morin seized the moment and rushed in for a clinch. He then delivered several knee strikes to the same damaged leg of Hill. At this point Referee Ralph Lee waved the fight over and Hill had to be helped out of the ring.
    Winner: Adam Morin by TKO at 47 seconds of round 2. REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  6. Pro Muay Thai
    Nathan Bagby, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, 3-1, 171, 5'11", 11-18-82, Francisco Sanchez, VS David Morin, Blaine, Minnesota, USA, 2-0, 169.2, 5'10", 2-13-82, Chris Cichon
    Early in the fight Bagby looked more the experienced Muay Thai fighter with his good stance, calm and poise. Morin was more the straight forward brawler type. In the first round, it was Morin's strength that overcame Bagby with a roundhouse kick to the ribs. It didn't appear the kick was that hard, however Bagby had to take a knee for an 8 count. In round 2, Morin tried to build upon the damage to Bagby's ribs with heavy shots of punches and kicks. Bagby survived the round. In round 3 things began to slow down because Bagby finally landed some effective shots and both fighters grew cautious. But it was still Morin that won the round. In round 4 Babgy figured out his game plan and was able to counter Morin with better timing, stance, and patience. Round 5 was the best round for both fighters and for the crowd. The round was more technical and even. Both fighters landed leg kicks, punches and knees from the clinch but again it was Morin's strength that came out on top.
    Winner: David Morin by Unanimous decision: 40-45, 49-46 and 50-45, 45-49.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brain Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

SATURDAY, March 28th, 2009, AT 2:00 AM/ PST

Results From Phantom Promotions'
"Fight Night At The Fox"
March 27th, 2009 - Redwood City, California, USA

THURSDAY, March 26th, 2009, AT 5:25 PM/ PST


Phantom Promotions Presents
"Fight Night At The Fox"
Redwood City, California, USA


Warrior's Fight Promotions Presents
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

Chuck Anderson VS Cody Runquist

This bout Has Been Cancelled - The Promoter has informed IKF that Chuck Anderson Cannot make The Required Fight Weight.

WEDNESDAY, March 18th, 2009, AT 5:30 PM/ PST

Results From Elite Promotions'
"Elite Kickboxing Championships II"
March 15th, 2009 - Port Orange, Florida, USA

Photos By Kate Roberts: www.katerobertsphoto.com

Dominique Simmons really knows how to put on a great fight. The card was a fantastic match up with some of the most talented and promising amateur fighters in Florida. The evening started off with two junior fights and followed with 11 Modifed Muay Thai and 1 International Rules bouts. This was non-stop action till the end of the night. We look forward to Dominique's event next year.

  1. Amateur Muay Thai Rules - Junior 11 Years Olds
    Max Von Auken, Daytona Beach Florida, USA, 1-0, 4'4", 78, Crossfight School, defeated Nikolai Reasky, Port Orange Florida, USA, 0-1, 72 4'5", 5-19-97, Elite Muay Thai, 386-453-3115, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-26, 30-26, 29-27.

  2. Amateur Muay Thai Rules - Junior 12/13 Year Olds
    Tatiana Ravasky, Port Orange Florida, USA, 1-0, 99, 3-18-96, Elite Muay Thai, 386-453-3115 defeated Cody Newman, Daytona Florida, USA, 0-1, 89, Crossfight Gym, by TKO at 50 seconds of round 3.
  3. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    John Brown, Orlando Florida, USA, 1-0, 153, 5'7", 11-9-86, Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164, defeated, Matt Holland, Daytona Florida, USA, 0-2, 153, 5'8", 6-7-88, Kru Allen, by split decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 27-30
    This bout is under review by IKF - IKF is awaiting DVD for this review from promoter & Representative.

  4. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Justin Kerlin, Daytona Florida, USA, 1-0, 136, 5'8" 8-22-89, Daytona Beach Armory,386-679-7479, defeated Josh Ciulla, Daytona Florida, USA, 0-1, 136, 5'4", Crossfight Gym by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 29-28, 30-27, 28-29.

  5. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Steve Zotti, Orlando Florida USA, 1-0, 149, 5'9" , 6-29-87 Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164, defeated Ervis Koci, Daytona Florida, 0-1, 148, 5'9", 9-27-82 Team Bowon, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Kyle Gagne, Datyona, Florida, USA, 4-3, 153, 5'10, 6-27-87, Elite Muay Thai, 386-453-3115, defeated Vince McGuiness, Tampa, Florida, USA, 3-1, 153, 5'11", 9-5-87, Dan Rawlings, 352-566-8745, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

  7. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Dustin Holyko, Daytona Beach Florida, USA, 2-1, 184, 6', 11-10-84, Daytona Beach Armory, 386-679-7479, defeated John Bolden, Orlando, Florida, USA, 0-2, 182, 5'10", Team EMK, Eric Marshall, 4-22-71, by TKO at .57seconds of round 2.
  8. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Josh Hill, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2-1, 157, 5'11", 1-24-89, Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164, defeated Ryan Brown, Tampa, Florida, USA, 157, 1-1, 6', 1-6-80, Dan Rawlings, 352-566-8745, by TKO at 1:53 of round 1.
  9. Amateur International Rules
    Vlad Dandu, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2-0, 5'7", 145, Josh Rutgers, 904-982-0099, 11-3-92, defeated Casey Rome, Orlando, Florida, USA, 0-2, 143, 5'8", 1-8-90, OSC Martial Arts, 407-928-3118, by TKO at 1:14 seconds of round 2.
  10. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Chris Hartwig, Tampa, Florida, USA, 2-0, 191, 5'9", 9-14-81, Tampa Muay Thai, defeated Al Ramey, Orlando, Florida, USA, 1-1, 187, 5'11", 6-21-71, Dave Cummings, 352-989-0164, by TKP at 1:56 of round 1.
  11. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Justin Benton, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 1-0, 161. 5'10", 5-27-80, Daytona Beach Armory, 386-679-7479, defeated Nathan Polhman, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 0-2, 165, 5'11", 12-17-88, Elite Muay Thai, 386-453-3115, by Split Decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.

  12. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Erica Eberly, Orlando, Florida, USA, 1-0, 132, 5'8", 4-25-70, Paul Marfort, 954-464-1364, defeated Allison Stokes, Tampa, Florida, USA, 0-3, 126, 7-25-79, Tampa Muay Thai, Ray Cole, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  13. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Mark Trillas, Orlando, Florida, USA, 143, 4-3, 5'9", 7-14-80, Eric Rivera, defeated Gabe Lopez, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 2-2, 153, 5'8", Datyona Beach Armory, 386-453-3115, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  14. Amateur Modified Muay Thai Rules
    Chaz Kobea, Tampa, Florida, USA, 171, 3-1, 5'11", 10-14-82, Tampa Muay Thai, Ray Cole, defeated Klye Kling, 1-4, 175, 6', 8-19-87, Elite Muay Thai, 386-453-3115, by unanimous decision with judges scoring the bout 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

For more info please contact IKF Promoter, Mr. Dominique Simmons at (386) 453-3115, (386) 383-1889 or by e-mail at HFW2828@aol.com

TUESDAY, March 17th, 2009, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

IKF Point Kickboxing©

It should come as no surprise to many of you who frequent these and the IKF pages that IKF Point Kickboxing is taking off as many from around the world are getting excited about this competition. IKF Point Kickboxing is hot and finding many new fans!

Most recently Iran has caught the bug and they are extremely excited about participating in these semi contact events "In fact, I think that many of the competitors here will really enjoy it as they prefer not to get broken up as many in the full contact arena do" says newly appointed IKF Kickboxing and Point Kickboxing Representative Amir Mosadegh of Iran. (Right) He continued "I feel that we can really make IKF Point Kickboxing huge here and throughout other Asian countries and I'm excited about the opportunity to do just that!"

The Iranian IKF Point Kickboxing Division will be making necessary changes to what they have been doing to accommodate the IKF/PKB version. For example all PKB events will take place on a matted floor as oppose to a boxing ring and the definite NO KNOCKOUT rule will be strongly enforced as well. Mr. Mosadegh had been studying the rules associated with the IKF/PKB and plans to follow them. In their most recent event, they had over 400 competitors in a similar semi contact event which will now be call IKF Point Kickboxing. You can see more on the most recent event and Mr. Mosadegh by clicking on the link here, IKF Point Kickboxing Iran


Results From Pete Foley's
"Fight Night 3"
March 14th, 2009 - Galway, Ireland

Fight Night 3 at Galways Black Box Theatre on Saturday night was a tremendous success for the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club who recorded 13 wins, 5 draws and just 2 losses with 4 wins coming by TKO and 1 win by KO. The main event was for the All Ireland Light Welterweight Title and Galways Eric Daly was just pipped at the post by Kilkennys James Dunphy. The show went off without a hitch and was sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF)

L - R: Pete Foley (Galway Coach), Emmet Bohan (Galway - Draw), Joe Wilson (Referee, Donegal), Barry O Toole (Dublin Coach), Peter Mc Cabe (Dublin), Jimmy Courtney (Dublin Coach)


L - R: Pete Foley (Galway Coach), Whitney Huish (Galway - Winner, TKO Rd 2), Joe Wilson (Ref, Donegal), Sharon Crimon (Dublin), Aidan Brooks (Dublin)

L - R: Pete Foley (Galway Coach), Gary Manogue (Galway - Winner TKO, Rd 1), Jeff Fitzgerald (Referee, Limerick), David Baldwin (Waterford), Pat Rockett (Waterford Coach)

L -R: Pete Foley (Galway Coach), Gary Walsh (Galway - Winner), Jeff Fitzgerald (Limerick)

More info on Kickboxing around Galway and indeed Ireland from Pete Foley on 087 8119227 or www.blackdragon.ie


Results From Mr. Sean Griffin's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
February 28, 2009 - Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA

On February 28, 2009, the Martial Arts Gym and IKF /PKB Promoter and West Coast Representative Mr. Sean Griffin held the 2009 Martial Arts Gym Winter Tournament at Black Belt, USA, which was a huge success. Adult student from all ages competed (including a 51 year old woman who won) in IKF-Point Kickboxing (PKB).

In addition, the following people received a plaque at the beginning of the tournament for being the 2008 IKF-PKB North Carolina Points Circuit Champions:

Here are the results of the tournament:

Grand Champion: Seth Edwards

For More information contact Mr. Sean Griffin (704) 488-3908 or go to www.magym.net

TUESDAY, March 10th, 2009, AT 5:25 PM/ PST


No Xclusions, Inc. Presents
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


The Blue Corner Presents
"Ultimate Blue Corner Battles"
Independence, Missouri, USA


Pete Foley's
"Fight Night 3"
Galway, Ireland

Gort Kickboxer Eric Daly, (Right) the current IKF All Ireland Light Welterweight Full Contact Kickboxing Champion who fights out of the Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym will make a first defence of his title against number 1 contender James Dunphy from Kilkenny this Saturday at "Fight Night 3" in the Black Box Theatre.

The pair have met twice before in non title action in Dublin and Galway and have a win each so this will be the decider and with Daly putting his title on the line, it should make for an exciting contest. Daly took the title from the then champion Dom McMacnamara from Limerick almost a year ago and he also took a silver medal at the World Championships in Italy last October.

There will be twenty fights in total and preparations have been going well at the Black Dragon camp reports chief coach Pete Foley who anticipates a night of pure adrenaline rush Full Contact Kickboxing at its best on Saturday night.

Undercard Fighters Include:

Gary Walsh, Gary Manogue, Charlie Ward and newcomers Emmet Bohan, Jason Mannion and John King all from Castle Park. Keith Daly from Gort. Shane Creaven from Turloughmore. Shane Kennedy and Karen Coffey from Claregalway. Bryan Merrigan and Gavin Bradley from Moycullen. Orla Keane and Joe Lavelle from Tuam. Barry Haddock and Alex Novac from Galway City. Johnny Fouddy from Mayo. Whitney Huish from Knocknacarra and Dara Larkin from just outside Loughrea. Larkin will fight under conventional boxing rules in the only White Collar Boxing match of the evening.

Doors will open to the public at 6.30 pm and the first fight is scheduled for 7:PM. Tickets are going fast but there are still some available and they can be purchased from the Town Hall Theatre, Sally Longs Bar or from Black Dragon club members. More infromation from 087 8119227 or log on to www.blackdragon.ie


Elite Promotions Presents
"Elite Kickboxing Championships II"
Port Orange, Florida, USA

MONDAY, March 9th, 2009, AT 11:00 PM/ PST

Results From Jordan Pallen's
"IKF Point Kickboxing"
February 21st, 2009 - Santa Clara, California, USA

Delayed due to Representative Illness
Promoters: Felipa & Jordan Pallen PKB
Tournament #2-2009

More information please contact Mr. Pallen at (510) 914-6764.


Mr. Billy Olsen's
"IKF Point Kickboxing & Grappling Tournament"
March 14th, 2009 - Santa Rosa, California, USA


We are sorry to inform you that first time IKF/PKB Promoter Mr. Billy Olsen has cancelled his IKF Point Kickboxing and Grappling event for Saturday March. 14th, 2009. The event was planned in the City of Santa Rosa, California. Olsen states that his "new facility would not be ready in time as planned a few months back." Olsen is moving from a 1000 square foot gym to one 4100 square feet. The event may be rescheduled in the near future.

The IKF/PKB will need to carefully review all events and assure their readiness to keep the integrity of the circuit in tact. We hope to see you at the next scheduled event which as of today will be April 4th, 2009 at Marinobles Kickboxing in Roseville, California, (916) 786-0333. See the IKF/PKB Calendar for updated events.

Please note as of today as well, we added another IKF/PKB event in Sacramento, CA for July 11th, 2009. We will be introducing the new promoter soon along with additional information as available.

FRIDAY, March 6th, 2009, AT 4:00 PM/ PST


New Promotion Making A

Full Contact Inc.

Although today's economy may be holding some people back, the "Sport Fighting Business" for IKF and ISCF is still going STRONG! Adding to the already busy sanctioning schedule is a new Promotional Company based out of California, Full Contact Inc.. ( www.FullContactInc.com )

Full Contact Inc.. has already committed to promoting 7 MMA and Kickboxing events already for 2009 and has created a clothing line as well called, "Full Contact Gear" and "Bam Bam Gear".

The Founders of Full Contact, Inc. are IKF and ISCF Representative Dan Stell (L) and Jerry "Chach" Quinn (R).

Dan, known to many as "Bam Bam" started his Martial Arts training in 1975 at the age of 9. Along with being the Head of Officials for the IKF and a Representative, Referee, and Judge for the ISCF, he is also an Official Referee and Judge for the California State Athletic Commission. When we don't see him in the ring as head Referee for a Kickboxing bout he is in the ring as Referee for Pro Boxing on broadcast such as ESPN, Fox Sports, PPV, Telemundo and other Networks. He is also a Judge for both Pro and Amateur Kickboxing and Boxing and a member of the State of California Martial Arts Board. One thing that sets Dan apart from other officials is that he not only oversees the rules and regulations of fight sport as an official but he has "Walked the Walk" himself. He was a 4-time Kickboxing Champion (Before the IKF was founded) and is a 5th Degree Black Belt in the Kajukenbo System. As a Kickboxer, he won all but 2 of his bouts by KO or TKO and in doing so earned his nickname, "Bam Bam!"

However his biggest accomplishment was his work in co-founding the IKF Kickboxing organization with current IKF President Steve Fossum in August of 1992. The first IKF event was promoted in August that same summer and featured several of Dan's Kickboxing students who would later become some of the first IKF Champions.

Dan was the person who designed the first IKF logo/crest before the logo was redesigned by Graphic Arts designer Toni Foster of Foster Graphics who later became Toni Fossum, Mr. Fossum's wife.

Both Stell and Fossum created the foundation of the IKF from their knowledge and experience as past Kickboxers (Over 100 bouts between them and multiple titles), Trainers of Champions, and Kickboxing Event Promoters. In July of 1996, Dan stepped down as IKF Vice President to pursue other desires. One of them was to step back into the fighting ring again. During this time he fought 2 more kickboxing bouts before officially retiring as a fighter and returning to the IKF in 1998 as Head of Officials.

Jerry (Chach) Quinn also has a background in martial arts and the fight sports. He is a certified fight judge for both the IKF and ISCF and has quiet a martial arts background. He holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo Karate, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan. He is an FBI Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, and a California Certified Peace Officers Standard of Training, Defensive Tactics Instructor. Chach served as a San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement Officer for 14 years, has been a SWAT team member and Defensive Tactics Instructor to 4 Law Enforcement Agencies and has been teaching combat methods for over 20 years. He has experience in putting on events such as concerts, speeches and specialty activities for decades.

For more info about Full Contact Inc. you can go to their website at www.FullContactInc.com or contact them directly. Chach Quinn's E-mail address is Chach@FullContactInc.com or his phone number is (707) 429-3130. For fight bookings, trainers and fighters should contact Dan Stell. Dan's e-mail address is BamBam@FullContactInc.com or by phone at (707) 372-0882.


Martin Horgan Presents
Cork City, Ireland

WEDNESDAY, March 4th, 2009, AT 9:00 AM/ PST


Night Club Knockout Productions Presents
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

TUESDAY, March 3rd, 2009, AT 6:00 PM/ PST

Results From Steve Logan's
"IKF Kickboxing"
February 29th, 2009 - Birmingham, England

IKF Pro Modified Muay Thai Rules English Light Middleweight Title
Pete Adams (Right) of Birmingham, England (8-0, 71kg, K-Star Gym, Steve Logan, 0044-7866-365-963) Defeated Dan Costello of Birmingham, England (7-1, 71kg, Phraya Prichai, Ben Bates)

IKF HQ Is awaiting details of bout from IKF England to be posted here later this week.

MONDAY, March 2nd, 2009, AT 10:00 PM/ PST

"The Empire Strikes Back"
February 22nd, 2009 - Kent, England


    Mike 'Mad Dog' Morello (USA) VS Nick Gill (TS Kickboxing)

    Sandra Matzinger (Switzerland) VS Carla Jessup (TKO)
    WINNER: CARLA JESSUP BY UNAM POINT DEC 43-49, 42-50, 46-49.
    Matzinger penalised for low kick count.

    Sam Allan (Rivals Gym) VS Tom Cunningham (TKO)
    WINNER: SAM ALLAN BY UNAM POINTS DEC 50-44, 50-44, 50-44.

    Peter Muffett (KICKS) VS Dan Chubb (TKO)
    WINNER: DAN CHUBB BY UNAM DEC 45-50, 45-50, 45-50.

    Steve Cook (Pegasus) VS Lee Hollingsworth (Nicholls TKD)

    Nicola Craigie (Satorishido) VS Louise Orton (TKO)

    Darren Trustram (Pegasus) VS Rob Burbridge (TKO)

    Karen Evans (Cardiff) VS Chantelle Cameron (TKO)

    Ryan Lyall (Rivals Gym) VS Pat Sheehan (Invicta)

  10. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Ali Cahill
    (Samurai) VS Howard Hogg (Cardiff)

  11. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Dave Martin
    (KICKS) VS Shane McInery (TKO)

  12. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Robbie Bent
    (TS Kickboxing) VS Bradley Collins (TKO)

  13. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Kelly Byrd
    (Fighting Fit) VS Louise Stevens (Dragon Kickboxing)

  14. Amateur FCR 3 X 2
    Ross Cahill
    (Samurai) VS Joe Wallis (Colchester)


Results From Warrior's Fight Promotions'
"IKF Championship Kickboxing"
February 21st, 2009 - Mounds View, Minnesota, USA

  1. Amateur Muay Thai, Featherweight
    Vameng Yang, Woodbury, Minnesota, USA, 1-1, 123.6, 7-28-78, Greg Nelson, VS Monti Johnson Jr, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, 2-4, 126.2, 2-3-84, Rick Anderson.
    Both fighters came kicking, and when the fight went into the clinches the knees started pounding with Yang landing more. In the second round the fights went to trading leg kicks, with Yang again getting the advantage. In the third round they traded punches with kicks and knees sprinkled in. This round was closer but once again Yang edged out Johnson for a unanimous decision.
    WINNER: Vameng Yang by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Neil Holmstad, Mike Duffy.

  2. Amateur Muay Thai, Welterweight
    Matthew Hunter, St Paul, Minnesota, USA, 2-1, 145.4, 5'8", 9-13-86, Pat Imholte, VS Brandon Bucholz, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA, 0-2, 147.6, 5'7", 11-24-81, Greg Nelson.
    Hunter came out throwing punches and swept the first round. In the second round the fighters traded blows with Bucholz edging out the round landing some hard leg kicks. In the third round Hunter's punches sent Bucholz to the mat for an eight count and a clear decision.
    WINNER: Matthew Hunter by Unanimous Decision, 29-27, 29-27, 30-27.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  3. Amateur Muay Thai, Super Middleweight
    Lee Houle, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, 1-0, 168.4, 6'1", 11-21-90, Drake Ritchie, 218-628-0193, VS Mike Bosch, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 0-1, 163.8, 5'10, 6-24-91, Bill Kusznier, 807-769-6949.
    Houle won the first round on all three judges' scorecards. Bosch picked up the pace in the second round and won that round on all cards. Houle took the third round by one vote earning the split decision.
    WINNER: Lee Houle by Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  4. Amateur Muay Thai, Super Middleweight
    Scott Legus, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, 11-4-1/2, 168.8, 5-22-91, Glen Legus, 612-220-6565, VS Peter Johnson, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, 0-1, 166.4, 5'11, 9-3-78, Drake Ritchie, 218-628-0193.
    Despite Legus' record this was only his second MTR fight against Johnson in his first fight in the ring. In the first round the fighters circled while picking their shots and trading kicks. Legus connected with some hard straight kicks and took the round. In the second round the fighters spent a good deal of time in the clinch trading knees. One Legus knee to the body doubled up Johnson who took a standing eight count. In the third round there was more clinching and the punches flew with the edge going to Legus.
    WINNER: Scott Legus by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-27, 30-26.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy

  5. Amateur Muay Thai, Light Heavyweight
    Mark Bailey, McGregor, Minnesota, USA, 1-0, 177.4, 10-31-76, Drake Richie, 218-628-0193, VS Colin O'Connor, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 0-1, 177, 6'2", 3-6-84, Bill Kusznier, 807-345-8812.
    This was a close fight with the scores going back and forth and splitting on two judges' cards, with the third judge scoring all three round for Bailey.
    WINNER: Mark Bailey by Split Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-29.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  6. KICKBOXING EXHIBITION: In a three round kickboxing exhibition former professional World Champion Marty Lindquist and current amateur World Champion Adam McDermid showed the depth of their experience. With the movement and skills of polished champions these two also exhibited the sportsmanship of true martial artists. In doing so, Lindquist and McDermid demonstrated how an exhibition match can truly showcase the finer skills of highly accomplished warriors.

  7. IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules
    Minnesota Light Heavyweight Championship

    Derek Knudson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 4-0-1/1, 175.8, 6'1", 1-13-71, Justin Whiley, 612-669-5126, VS James Kottke, Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA, 2-3, 177, 6'0", 4-16-90.
    The first round was close with the kicks going back and forth. In the second, the fighters were trading punches but Knudson came on with some strong kicks. In the third round Knudson landed those hard body kicks, and in the fourth pummeled Kottke with both punches kicks. Kottke showed huge heart and a crafty will to survive, while absolutely refusing to go down. More than once the crowd thought it was over, but just as the ref was stepping in to give an eight count, Kottke would turn out or attempt to answer Knudson with a flurry of his own. Overall it was Knudson's superior kicking that controlled the pace and timing of all four rounds.
    WINNER: Derek Knudson by Unanimous Decision, 40-36, 40-36, 40-36.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  8. Professional International Rules, Light Cruiserweight
    Gabriel Walbridge, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, USA, 1-0, MMA 21-10, 180, 5'11", 6-10-80, Heath Fonnest, 715-220-6682, VS Troy Hill, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, 0-1, MMA 23-9, 178, 5'11", 10-19-74, 320-384-6499.
    This fight started out as a close tough bout with the fighters trading punches. Then they went into a clinch and ended the round shifting into a Muay Thai match with both fighters showing their MMA background and trading knees on the inside. After being reminded by the ref at the round break that this was scheduled as an International Rules bout both fighters showed their sportsmanship and returned to throwing kicks and punches. Late in the second round Walbridge started landing some bombs cleanly winning that round. In the third round Walbridge zeroed in with his body shots and crumpled Hill for the TKO.
    WINNER: Gabriel Walbrige by TKO at 1:06 of the 3rd Round.
    REFEREE: Ralph Lee
    JUDGES: Brian Campbell, Rick Anderson, Mike Duffy.

  9. Professional Full Contact, Heavyweight
    TJ Gibson, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA, 13-1/13, 193, 5'9", 9-12-76, Jim Yount, 218-969-4618, VS Doug Bowling, Nashville, Ohio, USA, 0-1, Boxing 1-1, Amateur MMA 2-3,, 196.5, 5'9", 12-10-79, John Smith, 330-317-9021.
    This fight was declared NO CONTEST by the event Rep, Glen Legus when the fight ended after a clash about 15 seconds into the fight. The clash resulted in Bowling's fall to the apron and a NO FOUL, NO STRIKE injury to Bowling's wrist which made it impossible for him to continue. Since there wasn't actually a fight and Bowling's injury appeared to have a pre existing condition underlying the severity of the injury, the IKF withheld the fighter's purses in this professional bout. The Promoter did pay the fighter's travel expenses.


Guila Has Large PKB Tourney!
Some Kinks This Time...But Successful!
Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Antioch, California, USA

February 21st, 2009 must have been a full moon based on the turnout of this past weekends IKF Point Kickboxing Tournament in Antioch, California. Either way, one thing was for sure, there are a lot of kickboxing enthusiast out there who are still venturing in to discover IKF Point Kickboxing and we welcome them with open arms. Many of them are just now getting their first taste of IKF / PKB but to be honest some of them find there are adjustments that will need to be made in the gym before entering the event. Although there were some kinks in this event, different from others stellar events put on by the Guila Clan, it was a lot of fun!

Over all, most there enjoyed the usual action packed bouts and their were no serious injuries and, or knockouts as they are not allowed! Moreover, we would like to make clear that we also have no rules against fighters from the same club fighting each other. Since the event is an open tournament, we are never sure who will show up. Therefore, matching takes place the morning of the event. Moreover, since the eventt is one of semi contact, we encourage those who attend to be prepared to fight whom ever in their division....even if from the same club. However, with that being said, the IKF / PKB officials will do everything in their ability to keep fighters from the same club from fighting each other in the elimination round (s). However, for the sake of good competition for the fans that attend these events, we would like to encourage full participation even if some club members end up competing against each other for the sport or just bragging rights. :)

Yes, those associated with IKF / PKB experienced some growing pains this past weekend and for this event the credits must go to the efforts of Mr. Guila who actively invites other gyms to give the IKF / PKB a try and they oblige him.

Furthermore, we at IKF / PKB will monitor the cutoff for registration closer so that we can start the event as advertised to allow participants to better schedule their personal lives and, eating schedules etc.

We hope those who witnessed the difference and areas of improvements needed to continue to move us forward in the PKB also see the good in this type of semi contact competition and returned with a renewed spirit to participate. We at IKF certainly want all clubs and fans to know that they are appreciated but we must follow the rules especially those pertaining to contact. We will also stick with the semi contact and NO KNOCKOUT rules as this is the core for what this event is all about. It is the goal of IKF / PKB to continue to be an incubator for the sport of kickboxing. In saying that too, we at IKF / PKB will firmly evaluate all areas of concern for those that express them so that we can come up with solutions that are fair to all. In fact, we are clarifying the ruling below to make clearer for all in regards to the importance of divisions and matches being more fair. Forward March!

Special thanks to all of the officials and those who came up and told us how much they enjoyed the event and can't wait until the next one which is March 14th, 2009 in Santa Rosa, CA...more at www.IKFPKB.com FULL Results Coming Soon


Results From Pete Foley's
"IKF Junior Light Contact"
February 22nd, 2009 - Galway, Ireland

The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Club hosted a Junior Kickboxing Event at the Oranmore Community Centre on Sunday and no less than 110 fighters took part in over 55 fights in three matted areas with each fighter having a two round contest and gaining invaluable experience in their chosen sport.

The tournament was very well attended by the parents of the kids also who travelled from Cavin, Donegal, Lurgan, two clubs from Limerick, Kilkenny, Waterford, Thurles, Tralee, Kinvara Black Dragon, Tuam Black dragon and of course Galway Black Dragon. The tournament started at 12.30 pm and was finished just after 3:PM which was a very welcome early finish for the further afield fighters such as Tralee, Waterford, Lurgan and Donegal and Promoter Pete Foley wishes to thank all coaches, fighters, parents, referees, judges, timekeepers, set up/down staff etc. for unselfishly giving up their Sunday to give their Junior fighters a day out in Galway. Pete also wants to thank John James Furey for the use of the Community Centre, Tony Allen of Oranmore Judo Club for the use of his mats, The Order Of Malta (who thankfully weren't too busy on the day), Claudio Baranyai for the use of his sound system and anybody else who helped make the tournament a success.

The next big promotion for the Black Dragon Club will take place in the Black Box Theatre on March 14 when Eric Daly from Galway will take on James Dunphy from Kilkenny for the official IKF 64.5 Kilo Senior All Ireland Full Contact Kickboxing Title over a scheduled five rounds. This will be the third time that these two warriors will have met and with a win apice, this is a rubber match that they will both want to win especially as the IKF Belt is at stake.

Daly, who hails from Gort and travels in to the Galway gym an average four times per week, took Silver at the World Championships in Italy late last year and defeated Damian Renaud from Guadaloupe in the French Carribean at the Seasons Beatings show in the Black Box in December. The Title fight will be backed up with twenty two support bouts featuring Galway fighters taking on opponents from all accross the country and with a full bar available it should make for a cracking night out. Tickets went on sale last Friday and can be purchased from The Town Hall Theatre, Sally Longs Bar or indeed from Galway Black Dragon Club members.

Results of the Kids Show as Follows:

  1. Adam Canavan (Galway) defeated Gordon Brown (Lurgan)
  2. Aaron Joyce (Galway) won his round robin with Martin Kerr from Lurgan and Darren Troy from Lismore, Co. Waterford
  3. Feidhlim Dunne (Kinvara) defeated Nicholas Hogan (Galway)
  4. Mylie Dowling (Kilkenny) defeated Dylan Tracey (Limerick)
  5. Daniel O Connor (Limerick) defeated Dylan Roberts (Lurgan)
  6. Vannessa Blake (Limerick) defeated Jillian O Connor (Limerick)
  7. Sean Folan (Galway) drew with Niall Mc Shane (Lurgan)
  8. Adam O Regan (Limerick) defeated Jack Dowling (Kilkenny)
  9. Adam Creamer (Limerick) defeated Tommy Teer (Thurles)
  10. Patrick Ryan (Limerick) defeated Kevin Keane (Limerick)
  11. Alex Fitzpatrick (Tuam) defeated Adam Coll (Limerick)
  12. Aaron Cooney (Thurles) defeated Ian Cambell (Limerick)
  13. Dale Martin (Lurgan) defeated Aaron Cusack (Limerick)
  14. Cilin Boyce (Donegal) defeated Terry Herron (Lurgan)
  15. Darren Martin (Lurgan) defeated Aaron Manogue (Galway)
  16. Connor Dowling (Kilkenny) defeated Craig O Brien (Limerick)
  17. Alex O Carroll (Limerick) defeated Molly Mc Nevin (Galway)
  18. Brandon Mc Menamin (Galway) defeated Dylan Naughton (Limerick)
  19. Ashley Farrell (Lurgan) defeated Ryan Harney (Limerick)
  20. Patrick Ward (Galway) defeated Luke Frawley (Limerick)
  21. Greg Murphy (Cavin) defeated Michael Ward (Galway)
  22. Nathan Young (Lurgan) defeated Gareth Brinn (Limerick)
  23. Martin Lavery (Lurgan) defeated Connor Broderick (Thurles)
  24. Laura Harney (Limerick) defeated Zoe O Mahoney (Tralee)
  25. Bethany Barrett (Lismore) defeated Chelsea Dowling (Tralee)
  26. Lee Ryan (Limerick) defeated Dylan Casey (Galway)
  27. Eddie Barnaville (Thurles) defeated Sean Benson (Limerick)
  28. Emma Carr (Limerick) defeated Tara Mc Ginty (Tralee)
  29. Saoirse Joyce (Galway) won her round robin with Nastasia Vasher and Ssaoirse Coonan from Limerick
  30. Marion Ward (Galway) Drew with Sophie Harney (Limerick)
  31. Gary Butterfield (Limerick) defeated Scott Garvin (Lurgan)
  32. Gabriel Dossen (Galway) defeated Kyle O Brien (Tralee)
  33. Jay Marton (Lurgan) defeated Alan Kylie (Limerick)
  34. James Ward (Galway) defeated Jordan Kerr (Lurgan)
  35. Josh O Mahoney (Tralee) defeated Jack Clancy (Limerick)
  36. Emily Mc Menamin (Galway) defeated Kerry O' Mara (Limerick)
  37. Robert Hayes (Limerick) defeated Kevin Sheehy (Limerick)
  38. Martin Corcoran (Galway) defeated Jason Kealy (Limerick)
  39. Adam Guerin (Limerick) defeated Adam Galvin (Limerick)
  40. Dylan Hanley (Galway) defeated Matthew Hayes (Limerick)
  41. Leanne O' Brien (Tralee) defeated Sarah Mc Killican (Limerick)
  42. Ciara Ryan (Limerick) defeated Jade Carey (Limerick)
  43. Shane Canavan (Galway) defeated Adam O Mahoney (Limerick)
  44. Korey Brown (Limerick) drew with Kieran Madden (Limerick)
  45. Dannielle Murphy (Cavin) defeated Amanda O' Callaghan (Limerick)
  46. Nathan Morris (Limerick), Jamie Brown (Lurgan) and Anthony Cooney (Thurles) all fought a round robin with Brown and Cooney coming out with a win apiece.
  47. Charlie Ward (Galway) won out his round robin with Sean Sheehan (Waterford) and Keith Mulqueen (Limerick)

The next beginners course at Galway Black Dragon for Juniors will commence on Saturday 28 March at 11:AM. Check out www.blackdragon.ie for more Black Dragon Kickboxing news.


IKF Point Kickboxing
Tournament and Grappling

March 14th, 2009 - Santa Rosa, California, USA



Awards Banquet, Rocklin, California, USA

Join the IKF/PKB Circuit for 2009 and Next year you could be listed here too as a New Champion!