Last Update: 12-20-05

If you are able to volunteer to be an Official at this years IKF North American Classic AmateurKickboxing Championship please let the IKF know by e-mail by clicking HERE. Those of you who are either local to the event or already going, please let us know by phone or e-mail (main@IKFKickboxing.com) if you can volunteer to be an official at the event. We have received a lot of request for officials however most of them are asking for us to pay their travel fees and we simply cannot afford this. The IKF Amateur North American Classic Title belts cost well over $235.00 each. Once one does the math for 50 to 70 belts for this year, you can see there is not any profit for us in this event. In fact, as always, it will cost us a lot of extra money. However, as in previous years, we at the IKF feel such an expense is necessary to create "Legit Amateur Champions". We hope you agree. For this reason, officials (or trainers who can assist as officials) who can pay their own travel fees will be selected first as the event officials as we have done every year for this event. Once we have you confirmed, we will list you below.
Thank You! Your assistance is GREATLY Appreciated!

2006 Confirmed Officials - AS OF December 20th, 2005

  • CHIEF Ringside Official: Dan Stell, California, USA
    • Mr. Stell will oversee ALL Fighters & Bouts in ALL Rule styles at ringside.

  • CHIEF Full Contact Rules Official: Scott Fischer, Illinois, USA
    • Mr. Fischer will oversee ALL (As a Referee, Judge or Just to observe) Full Contact Rule Bouts at ringside.

  • CHIEF Muay Thai & International Rules Official: Mike Storm, Nebraska, USA
    • Mr. Storm will oversee ALL (As a Referee, Judge or Just to observe) Muay Thai & International Rule Bouts at ringside.

  • Event MC & Event Coordinator: Steve Fossum, California, USA
    • Mr. Fossum will oversee and set the pace of the entire event.

In No Particular Order

In No Particular Order

In No Particular Order

In No Particular Order


In No Particular Order

  1. Dan Stell
    California, USA
    CHIEF Ringside Official
  2. Scott Fischer,
    Illinois, USA
  3. Mike Storm,
    Nebraska, USA
    FCR, IR, MTR
  1. Dan Stell
    California, USA
  2. Ray Thompson
    South Carolina, USA
  3. Scott Fischer,
    Illinois, USA
  4. Rob Zbilski,
    Illinois, USA




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